Mima drives her ''Seacow'' home

Anyone here in  this group, who drives a car? Anyone here in this group wants to write about this car, the model, the age, the fuel-consumtion? Mima with  me has answered these questions! The answer gives her new car, caled ''Seacow''. Friday morning in Munich snow flurry we get the number plates for Mima's Seacow from the admission office. The number is M-UH-2007. ''MUH'' is the language of cows in our country. That's the reason, why Seacow gets this number-plate. Which language speak cows in other countries? In the U.S. or in India, in French or in Netherlands? Has anyone here any answer for this question, or is this question not significant enough?

One way we take the train from Munich to Kempten, back Mima drives her Seacow the first time. The region is called ''foothills of the Alps''. The snow flurry continues all over the week end. The weather forecast warns about ''snow catastrophy'' in South Bavaria. Seacow is best equipped for adventurous roads with winter wheels and EDS, ABS, ASR. Mima drives us home safely.

On our first stop we have food and tea from the thermos flask. Mima is very happy, to drive her Seacow. From the mountains threats new windstorm with snow flurry.

Mima's old ''Bluewhale'' is sold to our friends. And Carsten prepares old Bluewhale as Motorhome for their journeys.

Here Mima's new Seacow shines besides her old Bluewhale in the shadows. Our mind is now occupied, how to isolate the car? Which kind of heater, which kind of roof - if any other - what kind of cooker and water supply we will install inside Seacow? Any answers and experiences welcome, please.....