Mima's Birthday-Present: Her new car!

Energy or tense nerves: the body has enough sleep after a few hours. The discipline, to force the body for an hour, or at least half an hour in silent meditation, is hard.

Finally I leave the bed, can't listen anymore to Mimamai's calming soft breath, and my floppy fingers start to write. One last German group, where my rat like aggressive attacks are not yet censored, suffers from an overloading word-wash-flood against - like usual - most of the guys.

There the soft-playing group moderator Kirana has censored first my Blabla, later the Blabla of my friend Veet Tom. What qualifies better for friendship in e-mail connections, than censorship by the same idiots?

Because Kirana has given free access for me to write in his tiny group, these poor guys get a full poisoned morning testosterone threat. It's funny to write those ranting, it's sure hard, to read my stuff. And it's nearly impossible to these kind of readers, to enjoy terrific thoughts - opposite to their self-esteem.


Church in Kempten

Since last June, when I have sold my Motor home ''Nobydick'', I search for a suitable Van for two reasons:

1. Mima needs a Van for her Christmas Market. She has to transport her merchandise like candles, light houses, incense and toys. And this Van has to move her trailer with her Christmas Market hut.

2. Second we want this Van as Holiday Home for week end voyages in the beautiful Bavarian and Austria Mountains nearby and trips around Europe.

This week end is blessed finally again with two holy days, two holidays. In Augsburg, 60 Kilometres west from Munich, the Internet has announced an interesting car offer.

River Lech in Augsburg

But the place exposes cars in horrible condition! Mima's 14 years old Blue Whale VW Transporter is much better! I am shocked, I even miss to photograph these old rotten cars. Terrible! The owner of the place tries in an Internet auction to catch one more of these rotten, old cars. We want to see the car, he has advertised in www.mobile.de. But the car is not on his exhibition place. Finally he gives us an address of the Volkswagen dealer in Augsburg South, where that dealer bought the car.

So we visit the next VW-Mahag dealer and test an VW-T-4 truck with 102 Horse Powers. With the same engine I drove Nobydick around 30.000 Kilometres from May 2004 till June 2005.

But that VW-Truck is very loud. The engine coughs and shakes the car. The sound of the five cylinders roars in the blue-car, that looks exactly like Mima' Blue Whale. So we call this Van: Blue Whale II.

So we call this Van: Blue Whale II.

Mima's Blue Whale broke down on our last week end tour from Bamberg home to Munich. Now Carsten, the friend of my beloved girlfriend Vimalprem from 1986 till Bhagwan's Death 19. January 1990, buys Mima's old Blue Whale.

Mima's old VW-Van is built 1. July 1993, drove 218.000 Kilometres, and is sold now for 1500 Euros only. Carsten has to repair the punctured Cylinder-Head for around 1000 Euros. Carsten is happy, to buy this cheap car, we are a bit sad, to sell Blue Whale..

The three years old Blue Whale II should cost 13.500 Euro, 30.000 Kilometres on the road. But this 10 years younger and stronger Blue Whale II is not much better than Blue Whale I. BTW: the dealer in Augsburg north wants 1500 Euros more for the same car!

A bit disappointed we leave Augsburg South in direction to the mountains. Goldfish, my Golf is loaded with our ski equipment - first time in this long, hard winter with three months snow.

River Iller in Kempten

We visit Kempten. A huge cathedral with monastery dominates the town. Concerning my comments about one more Bavarian Religious Power Centre Mimamai says: ''You can be glad, to live in Germany and not in a Mohammedans Country! There your life would be highly in danger.''

She's absolute right. Not happy with our car research we visit an Internet-Cafe, to look for better alternatives in Kempten.

In the web-service mobile.de a great VW-Truck Centre, advertises my dream car, the newest VW-Truck generation: VW-T-5, 96 KW (131 Horse Powers) as long Van Version with 5.24 Meters, 169 Kilometres/hour. This car is one year old only, drove 47.000 Kilometres. The quality is excellent. The engine sounds smooth. The truck has luxuries like air condition, EDS (Electronical Differential Blockade) and ABS. Immediately my belly signalises a big, loud ''YES!'' after the first rounds with the marvellous technical driving wonder: 6,5 Litres Diesel for 100 Kilometres only! The price is hot: 18.500 Euros.

a great VW-Truck Centre in Kempten

Mimamai needs to think about this huge investment. She is the one, who buys the car. She will pay 15.000 Euros, the rest I will pay.

Her Blue Whale she bought nine years ago for 15.000 German Marks, around 7.500 Euros. Mimamai likes this new version of ''Nobydick II'' too. The long Van Version is around half Meter longer than the short one. That difference is immense!

In this new car I will install a heater with second battery We will isolate the car inside. In the back we'll sleep like in Blue Whale on planks. In the winter season we store the planks in the cellar, so the car fits perfect as Mima's Market truck. We dream about this possibility since years. Now we make our dream come true as loving team.

Mima is not a high skilled calculating scientific mind. Mima rules her world and me too naturally by her loving heart and instincts.

Mima didn't participate in my sophisticated car search the last year. Mima only knows, that she doesn't want a huge van like a Mercedes Benz. Mima prefers Volkswagen. 

A VW-Truck is small enough, to drive in front of her Christmas market hut. So Mima can carry easy all her parcels into this small Hut. And she hasn't got any other work, except her new learned skills as ''Baby-Swim-Adviser'' and part time saleswoman for biological food.

A VW-Truck is small enough

Mima loves Babies - like I admire the joy and freshness of little children. These cute creatures make us smile many times! Mima works with these Babies and their mothers in a warm pool. And she qualifies herself with each lesson better.

From this her intuitive, instinctive loving understanding she arranges her and my life - and thankfully my terrific testosterone poisoned systems relaxes - more: surrenders - to her guidance!

Many times my malicious verbal attacks shoot versus Mima's patience. Mima continues her smile, when she gets the weird wilderness of my ranting. My best Munich friend Kabir mocks for these reasons about Mima as my ''commodity slave'', but Kabir's relationship was finished 2005 after two years only.

Mima cares for me now for 10 years, and hopefully I care for her too.

Mimamai is felt like the light tower in my life. Similar memories are connected with Bhagwan-Osho.

When Mimamai came to me, or better when I came to her, 10 years ago, Mimamai drove an old, an ancient Ford Transit, not even with Diesel Engine. This car was so old, that she did not dare to cross Munich City, because the engine cooling water threatened to boil.

10 years ago, Mimamai drove an old, 
an ancient Ford Transit....

Nearly 10 years we drove with Blue Whale around from the Northern Sea to France, Italy, from Poland, the Baltic Sea, to the heights of a 2400 Meters Passport at the Austrian/Italy Border.

Now Mimamai gets for her birthday on Sunday and for me our dream car: in summer time our Motor Home and during December Christmas car for her work. Isn't it a light love life connectivity of a caring couple?

Yes, at least Mima and I, we two enjoy a beautiful, rich and happy live in our Good Old Country Germany! 

The night we spend in a Hotel Room in Fischen, next to tiny River Iller near the Mountain in Oberstdorf (something like Superior Little Village). A glass of red wine from the Italy Toscana Biological Agriculture enriches the night. BTW: During our Holidays August 2005 in Poland the tiny river Iller has flooded one Meter high that building.

Mima's new Car: VW-T-5, 132 Horse-Power

Each look in the Newspaper, and I don't read any much more than Newspapers, list-letters from people in Cyber-Space and web-news, each look in the Newspaper is like a report of a Mental Asylum.

In Irak terrific terrorists have bombed the Holy Shrine of Shiite people, a Muslim minority. A civil war threatens Iraqis after Saddam's terror regime, and after the US invention, to free the people under pressure. 

In Europe, Germany, France, Eastern Countries the disease ''Bird-Flu'' kills hundreds of wild birds. Thousands so called ''birds-for-food-usage'' are killed too.

Isn't it time to slow the Mustang-Mind down, to turn off the Red Wine tuned spirit-engine, and to listen to the sound of the heartbeat and the sound of Mima's breath by my side? Isn't it time, to anchor myself in the peace of the night after the days fight for our life in  luxury?

It's a foggy Saturday morning. We are burning to drive ski first time this winter. The area is complete new for us. From Oberstdorf we drive up to the valley station of the ''Fellhorn'' cable train.

32 Euros is the price for one ticket up to the heights above 2000 Meters and all day long up and down and again: www.das-hoechste.de

Around hundred people have the same desire: so we need to wait till we finally arrive at the top around 11.00 a.m.

Around hundred people have the same desire

A wonderful look over the mountains above the fog and under the clouds is our reward. But soon my body is exhausted. My muscles are not well trained for these efforts. With Mima by my side we soon come down in the deepest fog, hardly sometimes to look more than 20, 50 Meters ahead. 

My head is dizzy, my stomach hurts. We share a bit food in one of these mountain restaurants, than we decide to drive back to the car.

I loose my guiding Mima in the fog, don't find the way to the valley, have to go up one time more. Again I rest in the Restaurant, before I decide to drive down in the valley. 

The drive is pure torture! Two times my stomachs turns around. I'm glad, that in the thick fog nobody pays attention.

Finally at 3.00 p.m. I'm back in the valley. Mimamai waits for me. She carries my ski. I stumble back to the car, put off the heavy ski shoes and fall in the seat. Exhausted my body takes an hour sleep in our Hotel.

Next day we we celebrate Mima's Sunday birthday in Bad Duerrheim with my old Mom. One bath more in the wellness oasis Bad Duerrheim helps us, to prepare for the week again.

Monday we pay the first part for Mima's new car. She calls this white Transporter ''Sea Cow''. With the papers of this proud possession Mima drives me back home.

A wonderful look over the mountains above the fog