Bamberg again

There is not much to write these days. There is more to do these days.

Mima has started her Christmas Candle Production 2006. So we have to pack her Blue Whale full with parcels and merchandise. Then her 12 years old VW-T-4 drives again our ''Big Bavarian Round'': Munich-Bamberg-Nuremberg.

My little, lovely daughter in Nuremberg is always happy, to accompany us in the Sauna Bath, Hersbruck. Warm and salty thermal water help our health.

In Bamberg Mima meets relatives, her father, sister and brother.

In an art exhibition on an old, renovated Castle near Bamberg Mima gets together with her friend, who makes potteries for her Christmas Market hut.

Please enjoy the  long Sunday walk with us

on the Right Bank of  the Ammersee near Munich.