14th February 1948: My Mom gives birth to me in Bielefeld after eight monthes pregnancy. The doctors bring me on earth by Caesarean operation.

14th February 2005: All my Mondays are free, because I reduced my job on part time. I sit at home, watch the snow flakes flow around. My woman Mimamai is in on a Frankfurt trade fair ''Ambiente''. She drives with my Motor Home ''Nobydick''. She looks for new goods for her Christmas Market in Bamberg 2005.

From Frankfurt she drives to her friend before me in Aachen. She produces there new wax plate. From these wax plates she forms new candles at home.

I remember our last journey in her VW-Transporter Eastern 2004 to the Norther part of Germany, Bremen and Cuxhaven. On this voyage we have visited my birth town Bielefeld. Then my father moved to Muenster, where we lived the next seven years. My memories go back and connect with an other caring mother, Valerie, who shelters her child with her body in ''real life American action''.

Thanks for this impressive report and honest sharing, thanks for staying together. Thanks for all the fun, mind fun - and sometimes for real life education - as far someone is ready to read.