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From:  "Melody" <melodyande@c...> 
Date:  Fri Aug 15, 2003  8:18 pm
Subject:  Re: [NDS] Re: society's rules

Gene, your comments about
Osho's family of origin dynamics
has really peaked an interest here.

It's easy to see how family-of-
origin dynamics get recreated
even on email lists.

For example, the dynamics of 
good son/ bad son being played
out here between Sam and nOby.

Also apparent is how my particpation
(here, today, for example) parallels
the role I often play in my own family -
that of "she who exposes the family
secrets". It's a role of refusing to ignore
the undercurrents. Refusing to pretend
that "all is well"....no matter what
punishment is exacted.

Funny, these family of origin dynamics.