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Date:† Sat†Nov†22,†2003† 5:12 am
Subject:† Re: [n0by] Osho commune - Name change

Ma Amrit Sadhana who is in the inner circle and member of the management team, recently conducted a meditation camp organised by Osho Centre in Indore. The Camp was called: Dhyan Prem Samriddhi, which means Meditation Love and Affluence. She did not call it Osho meditation camp. Recently Ma Neelam conducted a camp in Barauni where 400 people attended, it was called Osho Meditation Camp. Sadhana called up the organisers and said : Why you keep inviting Ma Neelam to conduct Osho Meditation camps. Strange, you donít conduct Osho camps and then shamelessly want to stop those who do it. Wherever Ma Neelam or I conduct camps, Ma Sadhana makes it point to call the organisers to make them understand not to organise. Then begins the clever manipulation by greed and fear.

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