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Thu Nov 24, 2005 10:57 am  


Yeah, it's time for indoor flying.

*Certainly part of it is the fact that you are NOT living in a house. It makes one special in the eyes of those who do live in houses.

*In my case you can add to that, that I live on a quite special place. I mean, I can easily point out where I live to each and every American who has ever visited Amsterdam. (Aaaaah, next to the Magere brug, wauw)

This kind of false ego tickling aspects are in retrospect, I admit, part of it.

Further it is a way of living without much to do with neighbours. It gives the feeling of living in a alone standing villa in the middle of the city.

And nowadays, (this has been different, I used to cook on butane and heating on fuel oil), I have all the connections houses do have. Heating and cooking on city gas, us connected thru ADSL.

Nope, that's why my motor is going to move out. It was just standing there. But I have neighbours who go out sailing each summer for several month.



About my prized motor the following: Prized/praized as it may be, the moving out operation is one that costs me quite some money and energy. Only the fact that this museum is willing to take it out for free in exchange for the motor for free, is what made it possible to do for me. My benefit is getting place for a bathroom, which fits in the plan to replace in the future carpenting by renting out part of my house boat.