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Tue Mar 6, 2007 12:28 am  


To be honest, I find your reaction kind of cryptic. You can write completely clear, and this reaction has the clarity of a glas of mud.

In fact what I wrote to you was a bit of nothing with 1 clear question at the end, which was meant to be a helpfull focus in reaction of your continuous wining (partly done by n0by, so not sure if accurate) about having not enough work/money. So here is the focussing question again:

"BTW, how much time each week do you spent on raising new clients? And what is your strategie? Examples?"

I myself decided last week that it is time, after several month working at home at my boat, to start earning money again. Allready 5 working days popped up by itself. Probably I will place an ad in a internet magazine that also still is published on paper. I'm speaking of the Viavia.

It is already several years ago that I needed to advertize. But I know the text by heart, it has proven its functionality. Just for fun i'll type it for you the way I will have it published, so in Dutch.



Zelfstandig timmerman vraagt werk aan huis, tuin, boot of kantoor. Bijvoorbeeld: u wilt eigenlijk iets zelf doen, maar u heeft niet genoeg ervaring en/of gereedschap. Doen we het toch samen.