Sickness and Cure

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Fri Feb 18, 2005 4:12 am

Words can't reach sickness.

 Only pain can.




These words now come to me, from my own experience, experienced severe sickness: Near to death, seven days of coma 1971, two times cracked left lung 1983 and 1985. Frome these times my body reminds pretty well, how mind stops suddenly.

Words can't neither avoid sickness nor create cure.

Only pain can.

Mind makes your body sick, as long mind is the majesty. People with strong mind attract strong sickness. Mind rules your body with absolute conviction to be right. Mind pretends to have higher wisdom than the body. When the connection between mind and body is lost, sickness has to cure the missing link.




Mind represents power
with words.

Power from words
root in fantasies.




A sick body creates trouble for the power of mind. Mind power gets lost, when body falls sick. Extreme example I have experienced in the death of my father: the 90 years old mind general could nothing talk after his third brain stroke anymore.

Bullies know everything better. The more power in mind, the less mind accepts any lesson. A powerful mind can't accept any other lesson but sickness. No bully can stop another bully. Only sickness and death can stop them.

The sense of sickness
is the lesson to feel.

The lost life connection from a bully's mind pressure on his body is cured with pain. Pain teaches truth. Body pain stops mind bully's lies.


Mind makes much sense
for the bully of mind.

The pretender of power, the mind, applies pressures to your body, until pain stops the hypocritical process. Bullies of mind are afraid of feelings. These bullies fear feelings of love, of art, of the freedom-of-speech, fear other people and reality.












Mind has no other majesty but a bordered brain fantasy. Feelings come from the body under pressure. Feelings create controversy.

The more education strengthen the mind,  the more the voice and wisdom of the body is silenced.

New Age mind

is same

as old mind.
Mind is mind, no matter what content. New Age bully mind victimize followers with aggressive hypocritical teachings masked in sliming smiles. The sick victimized follows the powerful preacher of mind majesty into the abyss. The cure comes with pain.

Mind meditation

is sold

Hypocritical teachings feed the sick majesty of mind with more education. The victimized customers pay for pain to come. The quicker the customer collapse, the better the teaching.



Lessons for mind

are lessons

for failure.




Clubs and channels for New Age phenomenon like ''Enlightenment-Intensive'', ''Samadhi-Tank'', ''Nirwana-Ressort'', ''Channeling-Club'', ''Aurasoma-Bottles'', ''Meditation-Holiday'' feed the mind energy, to collapse quicker.

The destruction of cars and houses may last generations. To destroy mind created New Age fantasies phenomenon is possible in ten, twenty years.




One love affair

can crash

the mind majesty.





Love creates feelings. Feelings heal the sick mind. Feelings create the missing link between mind and body, when body takes over mind. Reverse engineering: love brings the fantasy of flying mind back on the belly, down to four feet again. This re-birth of the body creates animal wisdom again. Far above mind. Life re-enters body before suicidal mind kills you complete.

At least this is my story of sickness and cure.