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Date: Mon Sep 8, 2003 12:45 am
Subject: Re: new guru - melody

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> >Those who quote others, as well as those who have/hang
> >pictures of (usually) dead "saints" (just to use a word,
> >here) on their wall or website, are engaging in the same
> >phenomenon - getting a contact high.

> I don't know if it explains the phenomenon in total,
> but there is definitely something to what you say
> here.

'Tweren't s'posed to do anything, "in total".
It, and your considerate (unlike sarlo's) reply, was an ad-hoc
pseudo-representation of something more real, that can never be
transmitted electronically - unless, you have a particular kind of
relationship with the source-of-the-writing/source-of-the-image
(that's another topic worth pursuing in another thread...)

> I look at my own use of quoted material, and
> at the three pictures of gurus I have hanging
> in my room:

As have I, and I don't DO those things anymore. I read everything
that's of interest - once - but won't quote nobody (except
occasionally on email lists, where such inane intellectual activity
is still "highly regarded by most", and only to get someone to
participate), nor hang symbols/images, etc.

> Concerning re-reading quotations, or offering
> them 'in support' of what I have written, it
> is as if, at that moment, I am 'tapping into' a
> current from which those words were spoken.

Yes, it perhaps seems that way, but it is not that way. Were it truly
that way, then when literally everybody read the supposed words from
some dead, admired, Jesus, Buddha, Gurdjieff, etc., they could, as it
were, "continue the monologue" - invent new "wise-words". But they
can not. They can ONLY re-hash it all, over and over - which is
simply the process of committing to short- or long-term memory. This
is mechanical - everybody does it. But it serves no evolutionary use
- in the sense that people have the evolutionary possibility to
"surpass themselves" (just a phrase, but you should know what is
being pointed to here.) Quoting the dead and dying, and worshiping
them too, does only one thing - it reinforces oneself, NOT surpass
oneself. It does, however, serve one evolutionary purpose - it keeps
people, "in line", content in the herd of humanity, and filled with
all manner of false hopes that produce nothing in the end - like
beliefs in God, Devil, Heaven, Hell, etc. This actually SERVES Life's
purposes, though, for if everyone could just read Jesus, and/or
worship His image, and Awaken, civilization would crumble.

Only that which is New and Original to humanity, can be used for such
an extraordinary purpose by an individual. That's why "Jesus saves"
doesn't save anybody anymore. That's why "Wake UP!" doesn't awaken
anyone. Oh, they are clever catch-phrases, that certainly "sound
right", and are easily committed to memory. But they are NOT yours,
they are Jesus's, and Gurdjieff's (and others, who were able to
restate the bloody OBVIOUS in a New-and-Original-to-humanity way.)

> I experience this kinetically.....within
> the body...... whenever I quote people like
> Ramesh, Osho and Sandeep. Especially
> with the latter two - it's as if those words DO
> originate from a place deep within. And
> yet, at the same time, I know those words
> aren't 'mine'.

Here's why.
People are not "things" in 3d space/time.
People are smeared out energy-patterns across the recent-past and
near-future, and what people "think" they are experiencing about
their life-experiences, are a result of connections with other
peoples' life-experiences in the recent past and near future.

That is, you quote some "Great Man". Someone sympathetic to (read:
confused about) that activity, vibrates "sympathetically" to those
"words-from-you", and YOU get lumped together in THEIR minds with the
true/real author. That is, they think more highly of you, and THAT is
what you're experiencing. This can be verified - if you can verify
it. (note: this same thing occurs internally, when you re-think the
"wise-words" from others (even your own supposed "wise-words") -
there is simultaneous sympathetic vibrations that pollute the
process, and lead to incorrect perceptions.)

> It's as if the words are just hanging
> 'out there' waiting to be spoken.
> And even though I often attribute words to
> one of the three, it's as if those words
> didn't belong to them, but moreso that
> they had been the ones who 'tapped into
> that line' first.... or best (most clearly).
> Same thing with looking at the pictures hanging
> on the wall. When I look at them it has a very
> similar effect. It's like 'tapping into a current'.

Quite perceptive, but there's much more to perceive.
The originator of the Original Face ("from Zen, "What was your
original face before your parents were born?"), and/or the originator
of the Original Statement ("Jesus saves", "Wake UP!"), is always the
same ONE. It's true, the words did not belong to them - after the
fact. But when they STATED them first, when they realized them and
expressed them so that another person COULD share in that, even if
only themselves alone - they did, most definitely, or they would have
been uttered by someone else, perhaps much later time-wise.

Words CAN awaken people, but not the words from the dull and sleepy
and utterly confused, nor especially, from the dead and dying (no

It's not soooooooo bad to start considering oneself, as what one
truly is (right now) - quite dull and sleepy and clueless. And all
the reading in the world, all the praying in the universe, will not
change that.

> What's interesting here, now, is to explore
> this within the context of the extended thread -
> in the context of how various people can be
> "plugged into" a given current attributed
> to a certain guru, and yet be hearing very,
> very different messages.
> Melody

People are not plugged into any "given current" except the Primal
Current which is Life's energy through everyone. There is no current
from Jesus still extant and pure, nor from Buddha, nor from
Gurdjieff. The Primal Current is still pure as pure can be, but that
which bubbles up to the surface and produces puddles here and there
(teachings, sects, philosophies, etc.) is muddy as muddy can be.

What people are hearing/reading, at best, is the babblings from the
recent past and the near future, impinging upon their
"asleep-at-the-wheel" consciousness, ...and the purp is none the

Rather than spending/wasting the rest of one's life, in pursuit of
the SAME dream of those who are already dead and gone, better to
plumb the depths of your own Dream, and start bubbling up to the

(Hint: it's no goddamn co-incidence that the Internet has taken off,
as it has, giving voice to orders-of-magnitude MORE people than just
10 or 15 years ago (parenthetically, as a necessary and consequent
result of the emergence of the microchip about 50 years ago). Email,
Blogging, Websites, Self-publishing, Chat rooms, Instant messaging,
cell phones, etc., etc., etc. This is LIFE's Great Work on
humans-in-general, and the "hint" is this: Start thinking and writing
MORE, MORE, MORE than you have to about everything that interests
you. And don't think/say/write the same thing twice!!)

(Sidebar: forget about the multitude of nay-sayers who will resist
everything you say - they are like vampiric blood-suckers, deriving
all their mental energy from the efforts of others... Keep on

ps- or not!?!? What, me worry? No way.