Hello from Sweden

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  Mon Jun 6, 2005  11:14 pm 


Today was celebration of National day of Sweden.(6th of jun)
In Stockholm some people were marching in  'right-extreme' groups(nationalists),other in 'left'(socialists and communists), 1000 others in Afa(Antifascists)...but without fighting this time....(Maybe Oneness festival brought little more peace this days..)
(police was ready..).
Many don't know really what is Sweden,..what is this what they celebrate..
but everybody can agree about definition of 'Swedish weather'..
..gray,rainy,cloudy and changeable..(from interviews in press)
..and I was again  'lost' in the forests celebration...despite 'Swedish weather'..
I send you flowers ,but you  have to find some perfume to feel fragrance of Lily-of-the-valley or Lilac..
I couldn't decide which pictures I can send you and therefore I send many..
you plz select yourself ..and I am just beginner in using simple digital camera...
..and I wish to n0by and Mimai (and others) if you can just for the moment forget all worries looking at the flowers...just for the moment..