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Message #49164 from Fri Mar 19, 2010 11:03 am

--- In, zora <onitamo@...wrote:

n0by you are simply wonderful!!!

greetings to all old and new friends in 'n0by sangham'

I didn't forget you ..just I cannot be everywhere present as brahman.. so easiest way to bring my toys (pictures and videos is on Orkut) Pictures which n0by kindly transfered here (I wanted to do the same)..

they are from tantric place Tarapith in W.Bengal 5 hours by train from KOlkata, in the same direction like Shantiniketan silent place of R.Tagore.

Somebody(who is tantric..but not such living on the burning ground..he is living in luxury flat in spain and Kolkata), he told me about place old tantric place Tarapith where I could experience silence.. I was curious and decided to visit it..

one couple, my hosts, osho sannyasins were also going with me..

Small passage from crowdy path was leading to this to big garbage place.. Ma who was going first returned with not smily face and said this is place where you want to go.. but they decided first to visit Kali temple which was little farther.. I didn't follow ..I said no, I want to see this first.. so they said they will come back..

I entered to the area which is like graveyard,but ppl are living there in small huts or just under the trees..There was little temple to godess Tara, who came from China ..long time ago.. all around red color of some powder which is used for worshiping..Monkeys were also there and dogs ..dogs were most relaxed creatures..

suddenly I noticed some fire on little black hill, I came near and saw up in fire body was lying.. I was going nearer , little afraid they will stop me...because in Varanasi is not allowed that women come near burning body.. but nobody stoped me and here is next mail


Temple of Goddes Tara