Bhadriya maharaja and underground library


Sat Aug 16, 2008 6:17 am 

hi ,
to all who read sometimes my travel stories from India.. pictures are on orkut in my profile.

I have heard that near Jaisalmer in Bhadriya village
 there is big underground library.
This is under care in mandir of Bhadriya maharaja.
 who is also meditating underground.
I decided to visit it.

It was not sure if I will be allowed to see it.

I took morning bus from Jaisalmer to Jodhpur and asked to get off in Bbhadriya pata..
Journey was pleasant and desert was is rainy season.
After 1,5 hour bus stopped and conductor told me that here I should get off.
It was on the main road, nowhere houses, ..
There was only one little hut and 2 cars under the tree. I asked for mandir of Bhadriya maharaja. One driver showed me direction and he said it is 9 km to there, And that can cost me 1000 Rs if I take taxi.

I laughed and said:” forget it..I will walk.”

This will be my pilgrimage on foots to Bhadrija maharaj.

I started walking on new asphalt road which was straight and well maintained.

The air was hot..but silent and non poluted.

the road was straight and well maintained.9 km long to the mandir


Along the road on both sides there was green trees.

I would like to live here..(again one illusion touched me).

Some little car was coming behind me and I lifted hand

..they didn't stop.

I continued walking..

2 calves were looking at me in wonder..

After some time big track was coming ..I lifted again my hand and it stopped.

Driver and his helper told me to come with them.

I met 2 young silent beautiful Indian persons. .

Driver smiled and offered me little sugar bolls-prashadam from mandir.

They were workers in mandir's area for cows.

maharaja and mandir takes care for 14.000 cows (I got information later).

They work for mandir.I got lyft with them 9 km to the mandir


I didn't see much cows..but I could see very well maintained area where cows live.

In shadow of green trees..

I could see stone-water basins for cows to drink water.

  under the trees and everywhere around was so clean..

Near the mandir I got of from the track and continued toward mandir.

There was not much people around the mandir..

I entered through 2 entrances to big terrace

From terrace was entrance to little temple with pujari in red clothes.

I didn't see clear which deity he was serving.

 I think it was Shiva lingam ..

entrance to the little temple


I asked where is maharaj

and underground library..

Unfortunately library was closed and it is not known when it will be again open for visitors.

This decision was made after bomb explosion in Jaipur which happened in may 2008. 

I could only see the door with blue curtain behind which was Bhadrija maharaj and his picture above the door

They say he is also meditating underground.

It is not possible to see him


I accepted food which they offered to me..

It was delicious dahi, curd and butter fresh from their cows..;

Subji, vegetables was spicy, but very tasty chapatti,(bread)..

I started somehow conversation in little Hindi little English …

One person was like servant of maharaja who could enter to him and give message.

in front of entrance to Bhadriya Maharaj.visitors cannot enter


I asked maybe they could allow me to see library.

I will leave all my things outside, I am tiny little women .

.I am not terrorist, or danger..

Finally they said to me to write my name and address.

.they will ask maharaj..

but maharaj was sleeping, they said.

(maybe he was meditating and they call it sleeping..

or, only maharaj knows what he is doing..


but it was not possible to ask him for permission just now.

I said I will wait.


I closed my eyes in little 'office room' to meditate and....

I asked in my mind maharaj for permission..

2-3 minutes later the same 2 persons decided to let me go in library

 without waiting to ask maharaj.

to open the door to un derground lib


We entered in underground library.

4 persons were following with me.

 Punam young women who knows english

finished her job in maharaja’s kitchen and she was also with us.


I could see many long corridors with book-shelves in the walls .

books were behind glass-doors

there are 80 rooms like this and 562 book shelves..

Many books were lying on the floor not yet sorted on the shelves.

All this job is doing Bhadriya maharaj alone himself in the night..

he is now 80 years old.

there are all kinds of books collected in this library...


I don't know purpose of it..

or if somebody is using this books..


long corridors-rooms with book-shelves full of all kinds of books


After library they showed me one thing more..

Walking on the ground in big silent area with buildings of yellow sand,

we entered again through another door to another underground area.

Big hall opened in front of my eyes..

they said ,this is STD..

there were speakers and microphones around on the walls of this hall.

This is probably for different kinds of gatherings...for lectures or music..


At the end of visit person from mandir

helped me to get taxi to main road where for only 100 Rs

I accepted..

While waiting taxi we drunk chai .

and all present Indians old and young were gathered around me.

It is not that they see so often some foreigner here,

one  'gauri' as they call us white skinned.

Chai-shop keeper with care  found some paper

and started moving it near me , like  fan..

 it was very hot day  in the middle of the day

when taxi came it was departure with many smiling and saying 'ta-ta which is like good buy..

I felt like some big, my   family came to say me good buy..

big underground meeting hall..with speakers and mic..

Again on the main road other group of present Indians were looking at me

come near trying to speak with me..

and bus to Jaisalmer arrived soon.



It was just nice to sit in this buss with this simple people …



with taxi back to main road 9km for only 100Rs