Sun Jun 22, 2008 3:01 pm 

Hello to my friends who like to see travel pictures,

I am back to India after 1 months enjoying beautiful weather in Sweden when all nature was in bloom. This time I met some Osho friends in  Delhi just for 1-2 days and continue to Ladakh,Leh.

Ashish,we met first time and he took over all Osho files (100Gb). Munish my dear Orkut friend..came again to meet me.This time he met also Ashraf who will be my travel-companion to Ladakh and Leh. Munish was driving us to the airport at 2h AM.

One of Munish friends who were present was very interesting to meet ..he was not Osho sannyasin but Munish said that he is half he is young person, unmarried, calm and nobody can offend him or make him angry..
he would see such situation as a theater play.
he is teacher must enjoy with him..
We took flight to Ladakh Leh and back we planed to take the bus to Manali and Punjab to Rajasthan and Jaisalmer. Coming to Ladakh it was again like to coming to some other planet.. We needed 1 day to take rest that body can adjust to new circumstances of height and climate.. I felt like not standing fast on the ground..

Mountains were in full show-play all the time..It seems like all is the same ..stone and desert in mountains... but nothing was the same.. this was dance and poesy of forms in stone, sometimes dance  with clouds and mountains, sometimes with  water rushing down the hills when snow start melting..

We visited Pangong  - Blue Black Lake, which is situated at an altitude of 4,350 meters above sea level, on Indo-China border.

we were 4 travelers in 1 car.Price was  1250 rupees (18.70 euro) per person Pangong Lake lies in the northeast of Leh. This famous blue blackish Pangong lake is 5-6 km wide and about 144 km long with half of it running to the other side of the Indo-China border.

On the way to the lake few times we stopped because of stones falling on the road.First was necessary to clean up road and then proceed. on the way back in the afternoon there was water rushing down the hills as snow was melting..

On few places it was quite dangerous to cross water-stream on the road..but cars of travel agencies managed it.. Crossing passages on high altitude some people had temporary health problems.I didn't.I was doing sometimes simple pranayam, breathing ...maybe it helped..

magnetic hill was next wonder which I wanted to see.. but again like chasing shadow in Thanjavur..again miracle didn't happen. We came to the spot where it  was supposed car moving uphill without motor on. few cars were there..people like me waiting and trying to experience miracle but it didn't happen.

This time he met also Ashraf
who will be my travel-companion to Ladakh and Leh.

it was anyway nice to see hills around..and this 'magnetic' hill. I got again my own experience of something what I only believed . little disappointed but also happy I was here and I have seen with my eyes.

We enjoyed  again on the path Leh-Manali in show of snow and mountains shadows and forms... with stones and water falling on the road in front of us.

All this journey like all what happen to me in India is in the same time my inner deepest journey... with all beauty , danger-risk and disappointment. Outer circumstances and people are just help and mirror..thanks to all!

pictures will be send to n0by but they are uploaded on Out in my profile photos

love z

this 'magnetic' hill.