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Sat Nov 27, 2004  1:19 am

The Uwatuhiko Shrine

for the first time on the web, no kidding. lol Uwatuhiko was the local God in this area, its legend is read in the board at the bottom, left. I will translate it later.

And I will also show my photo next time.

I can sense something about you. Heart.
btw, Mimamai is like a Japanese word.
It means rice from a beautiful pond, or a little
dancer in a beautiful lake.


1. Entrance

2. Silent Street

3. Fish are not thursty

4. Flowers flourish for free

5. Silence is Golden

6. Enter my Shrine

7. Stairs to Heaven

8. Welcome Home, Lover

9. The Shop is open...

10. 10. ... but Love is not for sale.

11. This tree grows all alone.

12. 12. Father Technics pilgrims to Mother Nature

1313. The Master welcomes you

14.Come, wherever you are!