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 Fri Feb 16, 2007 12:26 am  


 Hello Surendra,

 are you on some kind of local patriotism ;-)?  Why, what is your motive?
 There are also readers from other locations on this list and most members  (like you, too) read in several lists, so what?

 There are imho very few postings on the list(s), where the content fits only  to a certain geographical position and even those are not "secrets".  Yes, it seems to make no difference where the list is located, only  different names, but mostly the same crap all around, not very much of  "unique flavour" imo.

 Even n0by's list is not much different, only that there is no Big Daddy to  tell the children how they have to play and tells compliant bullshit from  non-compliant. 

 That's only boring, if you think you have to read everything that fills your  mailbox ;-)

 greeting frequencies


Chetan in Italy 2006 from his site