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Thu Jun 28, 2007 4:43 pm     

Procession for bringing Rain in Chinnalapatti

The Head priest of the group carry GOD images.
And people will pour turmeric powder mixed water on his body in each house in the street
and other people can also enjoy if they engage in procession

Throw flowers on people as a blessing

The Rain Goddess Mariamma (MAri means rain)bronze idol,
pictures,colorful umdrellas,special decorated carriers will be arranged

Small boy enjoying Bath

Sometimes young people also involed in that.
They want to be bathed by their girl friends and as a special treatment
lover pour many pots of water to prolong the time together :-)

After going through streets and getting bathed they gather near the temple
and keep all offering to GOD and they they sing songs called 'Kummi-clapping hands,
moving in circle,praising and praying GOD, GODDESS for Rain and prosperity

Children enjoying Entertainment wheels

This is not related to Rain Festival.
This is related to Chitra Festival - a festival for worshipping Lord Perumal (Vishnu)

Lord Venkateshwara (Perumal) decorated in Lights

Chitra Festival

Small hills - View from the house

Vine Yard inJathiGoundanpatti , a village near chinnalapatti

Natural Scenes

Vinayaga temple in JathiGoundan patti


Village Buddhas


The Path alone

Lord Anjaneya Temple Chinnalapatti

Jeeva's brother in Chinnalapatti

Brother Gnanasekaran - School teacher-
Economics Sister in Law Uma Maheswari -
Chemistry teacher Child Sharmila


play with Grandmother ( my Mother)