Message 45440

 Thu Dec 18, 2008 5:56 am

Well Noby,you have tampered (knowingly or unknowingly, I don't know)
with mails in your last soulful'My Life'.You attributed Michael's
letter to Anna-neither had she asked the question, neither had he
replied to her-all she did was intervene to have the last word-as
usual-to which she got no reply. Maybe it's you who should put in
some time & energy to read all the letters of nopath (which you have
put up for public consumption showing complete disrespect to your
late friend).

Ofcourse, Anna gladly played along with the fodder you
provided her to fabricate another yarn about her last 'conversation'
with Michael. Rather than giving me sermons, the least you can do
now is admit that you've goofed up.

showing complete disrespect to your late friend