If Hitler Won the War

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Wed Nov 15, 2006 10:53 am

I was asked to post this by one of Hitler's former youths who has been reconciled and repented.


We would finally have a Master Race.

There would be no reasons to have a United Nations.

There would be no Arab Israeli conflicts in the Middle East.

The Christians could say the Jews killed Christ and nobody would care.

The gay marriage issues would be moot because Hitler would have killed off all the gays.

We would have proof that God is Evil.

Deutschland über alles would finally be true.

Free speech would be costly.

Christ would decide not to come back, because they would kill him.

There would be no reasons left for anti-Semitism, except to tell the world that you cant argue with success.

All Germans after they died would go to the hell realms.

No males would be cut short.

The price of Juden lampshades would be a good investment according to the laws of supply and demand. Recently they were selling at 100K each.

There would be no worries about running out of soap made from Juden bodies because Hitler's cadre would use other non Arians for that purpose.

The doctors that did medical research on live Juden would have solved many important medical problems, just like researchers do with mice and rats.

I would not be suffering now, because I would be dead. Thanks to Goddess.

Bernard Baruch