Tue Apr 29, 2008 7:03 am 

fundamentals of slavery and hate are there !

love smitten people did
not write the bible !

pedafiles and slavers did !you must be so with it
in victoria because i left all that shitty dyke and poof club behind !


you guys don't know shit from gold and wishy washy shit like you spill
moondance ...thats what st. kilda iz all about !

the copper cheif
there iz a dyke !


and they're all on the take !mister dectective there
is the biggest thief and turd money can buy !and we wonder why things
don't get better and history repeats itself !

ok ..i don't care
anymore i just don't like you not puttin seigmund on the home page
cause your just so cool (kewl) and we're not !