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Mon Feb 21, 2005  5:14 pm

Real-Life Action - my Mother's gift to me :-)

Dear Noby:

NOw i understand your group a little better...and is ok...i prefer not offend while is possible. i try to say my ideas with love, but some times i angry so much... and is normal, i am a human been, but never vindicate my debilities...

I like many persons in internet when write with a bit of love, tolerance, passion, true and respect but i think that by internet you know a little part of one person...this not means that this part is a complete lie...only say that it is a bit part...we need to see the person face to face...even in person we donīt meet the complete person...well, may i am crazy talking you this kind of things now..thanks by the opportunity to express my self...I donīt feel very happy for these days...may my not travel...any way i prefer donīt talk about it.

i think that the life is a hard school(some times very, very hard for somes persons)... and we do the best we can do...and i love Osho very much and share his ideas , but i would like to be my own master.

Special love among you and your wife...see her like a master is a beautiful surrender of love and magic reality ...i see this imagen with sane envy ...is not common to find this kind of love in this cold world...for luck i saw it with my parents...and now with you...nice, very, very nice...i am seeing that i love to use this word...hahahahaha...may because a special indian friend use this word many times in his sentences...

blessings for you and your nice family

best regard

i love Osho very much and share his ideas ,