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Wed Apr 19, 2006 11:30 am

Dear °:-\) n0by4you@,

Here comes that dreaded point in my life where I am asked to "out" myself.

Get this, I was born on the west coast of Canada in a place called Chilliwack in British Columbia. A-gah-waaaa! My mother is a displaced Schlesierin and my dad is British/Canadian with welsh ancestry. Wales has some nifty people like Tom Jones and Catherine Zeta Jones to offer. I love it when she sword fights!

Yeah, it really really is my site. I pay for it every month and it is another dim-bulb hobby, but who gives a shit as long as it makes me happy. I write a lot of overcomplicated drivel to ease my longing for crazed forensic pathologists with which I can share lunacy, but it's f**king tough. The web article on UFO stuff is from the pen of my sister. She lives a few km from here.

As for "understanding" the meaning of it. Perhaps I will get around to translating it, which i've been promising myself a lot...HAR!

I don't hide behind my iMac and I don't do anything wierd and unusual at home except maybe sit at the computer bare naked, but then again i've heard that a lot of people do that. The foil wrapping days ended when several people I knew personally had to be institutional-ized. They couldn't hack the subliminal meaning of life and folded like card houses. One should just give into insanity and accept it as a part of day to day life.

Hey, you know that i'm so for transparency that i'd even implant an RFID chip so that any idiot can go mad watching me! What did Jean Paul Satre say "Everything has been figured out, except how to live."

Yeah, it really really is my site

n0by: "So, may I explain, what's this gathering for me is about?"


Yeah, i'll give you any detailed info about myself. This sounds like a preamble to "Doktor Müller: Ich will dich!" HAHAHAHAHA No probs...

Details: Seelbach is approx. 56km from Freiburg (by useable highway) and approx. 23km from Offenburg, and 90km from Rastatt. Does that make it any clearer? Now that the Verfassungsschutz knows where I live, they can send a swat team, hahaha.

I've been hanging out in Freiburg for literally centuries and your daughter and I possibly saw each other and didn't even make any notice of it. THAT HAPPENS OFTEN TO ME, CAN'T SEE EVEN (fill in the blanks) IF IT HIT ME.

"So, may I explain, what's this gathering for me is about?"