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Thu Dec 15, 2005 8:26 pm

Christianity tells us that there is one GOD and his ONLY BASTARD SON is JESUS and they are zealot to anything else and their 'god' derives 'inhuman' pleasure in putting you in hell and their god is a little 'immature kinky baby' who derives 'satisfaction' by taking 'parties' - conversion lol. And there are 12 major traditions who differ on how to get this GOD :) inside christianity and yet they claim to be one though they are at bloody loggerheads!!!! While they megalomaniaclly wait for their 'salvator' a salvator who couldn't save himself lol lol lol :)! There are 7 different accounts of re-incarnation making it phony invention in bible yet OUR GREAT KINKY ORGIED POPE WOULD LIKE US TO BELIEVE it as TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!! Faith they ask so that they can fuck you :)

ISLAM tells us there is ALLAH or ONE BEYOND GOD and he can't have any son :)! ALLAH is never born or never has any son bastard or otherwise. There are 7 major sects in it which are at continual bloodshed with eachother and whole world. Their allah is with them though it can't be seen. We have to worship a phony fantasy :)! If not well you are killed! They megalomaniacally wait for the DOOMS DAY WHEN ALLAH (who never takes form) will rule (ALLAH knows how) and through what (as he can't have sons or give forms!) ! Ah never mind A DEATH SENTENCE IS ALREADY WAITING FOR ME for writing this like that on the writer of SATANIC VERSES! After all AYATOLLAH KHOMANI or evry GURU or PROPHET flaunting around WANTS TO BE ALLAH!

JUDAISM tells there is one GOD and they are waiting for their PROPHET or SAVIOR forever! They are alwas paranoaic about the SON or PROPHET so much so that they always check their undies after opening their pants fearing somebody might have stolen their undies right under their pants. THEY HAVE 4 major sects at loggerheads with eachother :). THEIR ZOHAR is a mumbo-jumbo key to the GOD :) but their is nobody to give real interpretation to that mumbo-jumbo. Probably it is better to wait for the PROPHET FOREVER rather than rattle your brain heart and spirit on ZOHAR just to find yawn words lead you nowhere. So their saviour and god is PHONY IMAGINATION who got burnt in a mountain when fire descended on him. PROBABLY MOSE saw a MIRAGE!

Then there is Zoroastrianism who recognizes only LAUGHING JOKING PROPHETS burns fires and eats bread :) Their god is in constant struggle between good and evil. He is doing so much overtime in this struggling that he doesn't find even time to give its follwers reproductive capacity as a result of which there are few thousands of Zoroastrians. They are fanatic about their place of worship not allowing anybody to get there probably they are performing some slime dimmy acts trying to buck up their god to fight evil but seeing the dark taking over yawn their god is probably impotent baby! Christianity too has this concept borrowed from Zoroastrianism which has been borrowed from HINDUISM in turn. Anyways It recogniges PROPHETS only called ZARTHUSTRA!!!!! NO God or his son (are you mad baba?) can come here :) They are merry people :)! lol probably they have kept their 'non-existant' god too busy in its fight of light and dark to condem them to hell! Smart guys!

Then there is TAOISM which says everything is male-female play (SEX MANIACs) including the whole universe.- deceased with SEX. They are against all technology and want to take you to STONE-AGE! :)! They have no GOD only TAO is their RULE :)! They ask you to stand on your head and see the world :)! They say ultimate thing is RULES :) RULES GOVERN THE UNIVERSE! RULES LIBERATE YOU! But their rules require you to be lazy ideal sleeping even in FIRE! Yawn!

Then there is Confucianism which is NOTHING BUT MORAL DICTATORSHIP!

Then there is Shintoism and din-e-ilahi which is NATURE and EMPEROR WORSHIP making them deities! EMPEROR and NATURE IS GOD! Yawn! DICTATORSHIP AT ITS BEST!

Then there is atheism which claims no GOD and NO SOUL :) ! Their scientific or non-scientific excuse has made them to be ANIMAL PIGS and given comfort for it. IT is just a reaction to OPRESSION of MORALITY in name of GOD! :)! These people would go to any lenght to negate GOD! They are argumentative and sinners since they have no sins to be punished they are comfortable in doing them! :)! However they have no answer to the organised way in which UNIVERSE FUNCTIONS or any answers they only know NO! You tell them anything and answer is NO :)!

Then there is Shamanism which has thousands of deities and :) one SHAMAN who has got direct hot line with these deities and powers!!! You see they are the first inventors of HOTLINES! :) They have no god no soul only SPIRITS and GHOSTS who fuck them or SUCK THEM! :)!

Then there is paganism actually this is the original RELIGION BORROWED FROM HINDUISM pre-christian pre-Judaism and PRE-ISLAM in WEST from which these three branches fostered. They believe and trust in MIRACLES! That is it! There were so many jungles of it :P These miracles got different names and fostered in as CHRISTIAN JUDAISM AND ISLAM! Pagan means MIRACLES!

Then there is JAINISM the religion which says there is no GOD only soul is ultimate reality :)! Their soul is phony knowing watching witnessing! Nobody dares to question this fucking lethargy that what happens to knowing watchig after death. They have fantasia to answer that. THEY ARE THE RELIGION ALLOWING SUICIDE since they are masochist hating bodies and yet the most material hungry race in the whole world. THE OSHO WAS PERFECT EXAMPLE OF THIS MEGALOMANIA FUCKING JAIN LETHARGY and one of the greatest prophet of this religion who has made more megalomaniacs perverted die hard egoist than all the UNIVERSE COMBINED! If somebody calls HIMSELF JAINA know for sure THAT THE PERSON IS DIE HARD EGOIST FANATIC HALLUCINATOR DERIVING MASOCHIST PLEASURE! THESE have 24 TIRTHANKARAS those who have got SOULS! :) all others are getting SOULS! lol !

Then there is SIKHISM which believes in ONE SUPREME POWER beyond GOD and has 14 GURUS who have the trusteeship of that SUPREME POWER and they fight around and protect!!!!!!!!!!!! They are warriors :)! Everything for them has emerged from LIGHT! Where has light emerged from? Yawn! They are always ready to fight! It is compulsory for them to carry a sword with them wherever they go! Yawn! THey should upgrade themselves and carry a machine gun or a nuclear bomb though :)! They are so much ready to fight that at 12 Oclock in noon and night they get deranged! lol :P

Then there is BUDDHISM which says there is no GOD and NO SOUL :) all right all you are are just mixture :P yet they say there is something LIKE NIRVANA or SALVATION or MOKSHA! Great ! All these are disgusted people ! Disgusted with life! They have 67 different sects :) some are happy with life also :)! They have many differnt paths all leading to NIRVANA! But then they even say NIRVANA is hallucination! Whatever! What is the need for religion if no GOD no SOUL :P? THen comes fantasia answer or re-birth and NIRVANA!

Then there is HINDUISM which is a mix jungle of all of the above from which all these religious branches have come into being as HISTORY proves! It is the oldest reglion of the earth! How old? Eternal! World can be non-eternal but their megalomania is so high their religion is ETERNAL! Yawn! Fine it is at least 10000 years old though some claim it to be 1000000 years old :)! Whatever! They have so many sects mixes that it is impossible to list them here! :)! They are highly democratic people making as many GODs as you want ! Even you are free to become GOD! :P But if you are gonna study their religion you will fall apart to pieces it is a mix of all contradictions no god no soul all god all soul lol lol lol. I wouldn't even attempt to WRITE ABOUT THIS JUNGLE or I will be lost forever :P They have so many systems that 10 lives are insufficient for one to study them forget living it!

Do you get anything ?

What is the common thread in these?

Nothing one tells there are gods one says no god one says no soul one says no god no soul one says no god no soul no moksha no salvation or says only miracles one says only light !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yet there are FUCKING GURUS-GYANISs who would like to tell us that all these are same but for telling this they want you to fuck $$$$$$$$$$$$$$s

They are the modern MOBILES between these fantasia and your innocence and would like to FUCK YOU :)! They tell you to open their eyes (actually they are trying to brainwash your mind into seeing that which is not there)! These are the modern 'fantasia-prostitutes-sluts' who would like to sell themselves without actually doing the act of prostitution :)! This is the most refined noble holy profession of swindling!

All right and then there are SAIDST disciples who would like to inflict pain on others trying to show off 'I AM RIGHT' 'I AM GREATEST' 'I HAVE REACHED' 'YOU HAVE NOT REACHED' on constant ego-battles trying to flaunt the I I I I I I I I - MEGALOMANIACS but all this under the hypocrisy or no I! TRYING TO WIN BATTLES realizing least that that is the same materialistic mind operating. DISEASED PEOPLE who should belong to mental asylum!

Or SADIST OPPOSERS who would like to INFLICT the same 'through other way around' trying to flaunt their I I I I I I I I I - DISEASED PEOPLE who should belong to mental asylum!

So what is the real?

You thought science is real? lol lol lol


With hesinbergs uncertainity principles the science is impotent to even determine speed or position with accuracy! There are plethora of fantasia in SCIENCE!

With Godels theorem telling that no formal mathematics can prove all the TRUTHS and yet there are stupids who would like to put everything into maths or they want to shut their eyes and say it as UNTRUE least realizing that the very maths says that it can't prove TRUTHS! lol

And then based on phony fantasia of science there are two other religions called spirituality and scientism which find loopholes of fantasia to merge in the system of knowledge!

SCIENCE HAS NO PHILOSOPHY OR ANSWERS it is just utilitarian way to manipulate imaginations and hallucinations! SO BEWARE!!!! THESE RELIGIONS JUST WANT TO DRIVE A LOOPHOLE INTO YOUR POCKET SO DOES SCIENCE making you lead an all-consuming life leading nowhere but their pockets to satisfy their cravings!

So then what is the way out!


Go eat drink sleep do your work laughing dancing and get out! Don't go for money or soul or god or science or any form of knowledge. You want to know what your knowledge is just read this lol :P


I came across this recently. You will know futility of faltering fucking sucking 'knowingness' 'knowledge'! CRAVING! JUST GET OUT!

Use me abuse me I don't read messages on groups lol