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 Thu Apr 20, 2006  8:29 pm

So to make a long story short, Jodyrrr and Bruce came down heavily upon the woman who was known in a previous incarnation as Kellie Evert or Everett (?), who turned out to be the woman made famous as the "STRIPPER FOR GOD."

MT: indeed, their lack of knowledge of the relationship between spirituality and the erotic was striking. another area where i schooled them, resuling in getting banned from gururatings.

Sarlo, all of a sudden "got religion" when his partner of 24 years apparently read him the Riot Act b/c of his insensitivity to women's rights and needs in general,  and Sarlo's inability to control the discourse and prevent it from getting COMPLETELY OUT OF CONTROL.

MT: so, it wasnt an issue of his personal integrity? 
just a matter of his being completely whipped?

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