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Sat Aug 5, 2006 7:50 am 

Dear n0by,

That statement is my experience but those words are not mine. You can say I barrowed it from Anthony De Mello (One of those people whom I respect for living their life). I would say I found them matching with my experience so I used them.

You said "My question remains: what's to hide?". Intellectual answer this question can be

Fear is natural but the guilt is man made. And whatever the society(defined by the so called 'messengers of God' and "social reformers") calls guilt, arose fear in the people. Tthis fear force them to pretend. But the so called guilt is a very nature of human being.

And the real thing out of my experience is, the question does not exists.

People realize on their death bed that, they have not really lived their life. But what they can do? It is all over.

I may be too young(23yrs old) to speak of life experiences. But I was thinking of these kind of questions for 6yrs. I thought I found an answer but after sometime it seems to be wrong. I asked many people an ordinary person to a vice-chanceller of the university personally, why you pretend,why you play a double game, why you play politics, why you deceive yourself...I got different answers.. some people simply escaped , some said they are helpless, some glanced at me like I am a fool..............

I had many questions,,,

How one should live his life?
What is the difference between ego and self-esteem?
Is really GOD exists ?
Who created the GOD?
What is beyond life and what is after death?
Why this pain exists?

My friend Matin (Zora and ananda call him sw. Dhyan Magno ) used to tell me, do not define a purpose for life. And when I posed him all these questions he used to smile, and kept quiet. This fellow seems to be mad sometimes to me.

And it happen a women came into my life to answer all my questions and when I got the answer, she left me.

The answer I understood was no question exists.

You said "My question remains: what's to hide?".
"But what is there to show?"

You have enough pictures of mine which Zora sent you.

Anyways I am attaching two more for you.