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Thu Feb 10, 2005  2:45 am

Hello all spiritual online freaks here

hi, i just wanna say hello, i am new here, just wanted to introduce myself shortly. i am kayu, m, 38, performance artist from the netherlands, and YEAH!!!, the grass grows by itself here, so coool ! hmm, i think the USA are the biggest criminal organisation in the world, Bush / Cheney / Rumsfeld are all war criminals and belong to jail actually...hmm, anyway...JESUS would kick G.W.Bushs ass very hard, i think. DO THE TSUNAMI, ok. the next pope will be a US-Weirdo ?? ok. the EGO sux, yes. Enlightenment? Whats that, are you crazy, you will all die soon, in fact nobody was ever born: this very illusion! Osho is cool, yes, and the art of dreaming. relax and trance the energy...KALIYUGA LOVES NEWMAN! love, Kayu