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nOby and I (Stefan Segal) have formally entered an agreement to illuminate the true nature of reality to be first, presented in it's ongoing progress to you, then ultimately edited and compiled into book form for mass exposure.

Stefan Segal 1998


Now to business:)

Since ALL is interdependent and interconnected...you can picture "spherical" without too much constriction for now...nOby...begin your question in that area you most want/need explore...as there is no beginning or ending.


This statement, considered a truly bombastic and as yet, unsupported boast in our societal machinations, is only fact...as reality is not coy or polite, has no understanding of protecting the sensibilities of others, as so in this dialogue of parsing out reality to the light of reason...we will simply "tell it like it is"...those still trapped in the labeling process, will fall by the wayside.

nOby has agreed to act as questioner, and I, the conduit to his answers, so this format will be one of question and answer, to which I will supply the matrix illuminating the connectivity of elements not obviously apparent.

As a commonality of language is prerequisite to communication, those key words which have too broad, or only a definition gleaned through the senses, I will put definitive parameters upon as they arise contextually.

What you, as witness and reader, glean from this dialogue is ultimately up to you. "You cannot receive more than you invest...or reap more than you sow".

With this 'investment' in mind, you may wonder what is it that needs sowing. The answer to this is not measured by time and effort...it is measured by the quality of your focus.

Everyone reading this understands the meaning of the words and responds: OK...I'll invest focus. But what and how is this done...by opening the eyes a bit wider than usual...straining them until they water...no focus is a mechanism ill understood, and has to do with how our left hemisphere works...Left H. being the repository and creator of our "self"...our word/time self.

If you observed your word/time self from the vantage of your higher self (not only possible, but prescribed for living a deliberate life), you would see...nothing...no substance only attitudes and preconceptions...which broken down to their elements...only words.

> These attitudes and preconceptions go under the alias of: experience...the more experience...the more preconceptions...the more preconceptions...the less engaged one needs be in the intricacies of the NOW of existence...hence the less alive or attached to life in it's flux of change. In other words...the less focused.

The greatest focus is the ONE...where there is a single "voice" instead of the multitudes of attitudes mobbing up around the microphone of your awareness...so to apply focus, is weed out all those competing voices that fill your mind with white noise to a single voice/intent. This is achieved with ruthlessly driving away (with a stick if necessary:) all the extraneous internal demands on your attention.

Intent is another key word...but will settle for focus for now.