Merciless Mountains ... or "you have to change your life!"

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Tue Jul 28, 2009 12:44 am

beautiful, noby. as always you're autobiographical utterances are little gems but this one more than most you get a taste of the sweetness that lies so poorly concealed under your usually crusty raging -against- the- machine exterior.
thank you for sharing.
what a sensational place to spend some time at, both in your 20s when life was getting tough, and then to revisit now you are older (and of course much wiser!?!).
i must look up this sloterdjik character if he has something in english. sounds good thinking if it impressed you.
did i tell you i'[m secretly now a buddhist. that i have fallen in love with the high sakya lama trizin?
picture attached.
rest of life is ok, i am happy inside, though my body is in agony most of the time with the leg just cut off recently, phantom pain and lots of slipped discs in the back. very frustrating trying to do stuff.
i want just to get fit enough to get back to india to my voluntary work with the tribals (or others but that's what i was doinog this time last year so i feel incomplete there, but i'm gonna have to be very fit indeedd to get up that mountain again and rough it like i was before (and have prob a better leg than what i or public health here can afford to get right now, so if i don't get back to the tribals i'll just head for calcutta or somewhere that's not quite so rugged) but lots of impediments to get through and a fair way to go before i'm gonna get back there. but i' aiming i pray for the end of the year.
love to you and all my love as always to the beautiful mima
sarah (dr sarah from oz - remember me, you never reply to my emails, you slacker, so busy making beautiful internet conversations with everyone else, too busy to drop me a line to say g'day!?!)
love again, i forgive you of course...