Message 9490

Wed Apr 28, 2004  3:45 pm


cause I'm lurking on this list since a while and probably go on with this for some time, I want to introduce, who is listening to your chitchat.

My name is Prem Martin. Some friends call me PremPrem, which reminds me for my daily madness (plemplem means in German mad) in a dualistic world.

I'm German, I think you guessed that, and about 50 years old. I am showered with a great personality, am neonlightened and have absolutely no humor. So I think, this list fits perfectly for me in the moment.

You won't hear a lot of me, cause normally I have nothing to say or the level of discussion is over my limits or my English is too poor to express myself or I'm too lazy, which is most of the time the case.

But now in the mood of writing some words, I want to thank you all for the great efforts you do to entertain myself. I like the fights, the bashing and trashing as long as there is some development in it, the ongoing Grabenkämpfe are boring, but perhaps there is a necessary loop in the script. This conscious attempt to blow up the egos as big as possible is remarkable. I'm missing the great love affairs on this list, perhaps too much man-spirit, and too less female-fragrance. So this list has absolutely no need for one more male master, and I can sit back relaxed in my seat and watching the game.

I love you


My name is Prem Martin.