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Sun Mar 21, 2004  9:34 pm

:-) as far as i am concerned ivan, you can continue. just dont ask twice the same or you may get the same answer again, maybe not the same.
:-) when i continue my work here, you may have to wait a little, until i am able to answer. as we intend to move to india, when my brother sold the house and has given me my part, i am scanning and burning all the paperstaff. i guess for the next weeks i will be busy with our daughter leelas comics. we reduce weight that we can carry all. we dont intend to fly, as we live close to salzburg on the german side in laufen, about 25 minutes by train, we will go via salzburg to villach, change train, and go to italy. from there with freight ship to bombay.
:-) his blessings sac