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Tue Feb 24, 2004 1:31 am

The offensive and violent nature of the complex web of human structures of interactive socialization systems,has made man into an offensive and cynical creature,reacting every negative way,towards all foreign and local systems of human socialization,whom are considered of being aggressive societies,tending to exploit and manipulate his resources of wealth and prosperity,and deprive him of his independance and freedom.

Spiritual Doctrines of all faiths and religions,teach man tolerance and forgiveness,and to follow the good deeds inscribed in their holly scriptures,when dealing with other systems of socialization,to enable him to transcend all differences of color,race,rank,and nationality,so that peace and harmony may prevail on earth. All religions without exception,have a universal law of interactive systems of socialization,that encourages all sentient beings to treat other sentient beings as equal.

They call upon every member of the same species to deal with other members of his own kind,as he expects them to deal with him. All religions promote the idea of humbleness and the eradication of self_importance,as being the greatest enemy of all species in existence,because it bereaves them of their holly and magical inner self,that tends naturally to unite with the primal source of existence of every living and non_living entity.

Human beings have established social laws of human interaction,based on the selfish ego,which regulates the relationship between members of the same system of socialization,and between other local and foreign systems of different order.

These laws call for the separation,distinction,dissension,and superiority of one's own system of socialization,over all other systems of local and foreign socializations. Man has exploited the universal law of harmony of all faiths(which are but one universal religion,worshipping one primal source of existence)and manipulated it to fit his own lusts and desires of power and dominion over every other creature of the same and different species.

Each society took advantage of the holly scriptures of its own religion and made it deviate from its sacred path of universal peace and harmony,and used them as weapons of mass destruction against the alleged false doctrines of all other religions,and declared holly wars in the name of the same primal source of all religions,in order to purify earth from all evil heresies,and each announced its own doctrine as the one and only holly and sacred path that leads to salvation and eternal life.

The followers of the Moslem Doctrine must learn to encourage their fellow brothers and sisters of the Christian Doctrine,and other Doctrines of all other faiths,to abide by the teachings of their own doctrine,and help them to practise their spiritual duties,to become good Christians, Jews, Buddhists, and others,so they all become messengers of universal peace and harmony like their lords and prophets.

Christian followers must do the same with their fellow brothers and sisters of Islam,Jewdism,Buddhism,and others,and must learn to accept that Mohammad,Moses,Buddha,and every other prophet and man of knowledge,have also carried their own symbolic cross over their own shoulders,and have suffered as much as jesus had suffered on the roads of Jerusalim,upon crossing the path of spreading the words of peace and harmony flooding from the primal source of every live energy in existence, as messages brought by the Angel and messenger of THE ALMIGHTY, Gabriel,to unite all humans of all races and nations under one universal law of harmony. Christian brothers and sisters must help their fellow Moslems,Jews, Buddhists,and others to be good followers of their own faith,rather than turn them to Christianity,and dissuade them from following their own faith,because a renegade Moslem,Jew,Buddhist,or other who became a new Christian,is a repudiated and discarded and renegade one,cast off his own society and kin,and is no longer able to communicate and participate in his own society,and among his own kin,for the sake and
the well_fare of promoting peace and harmony on earth.

While a good Moslem,Jew,Buddhist,or other can serve humanity better, and is able to promote peace and harmony among his associates and kin and relations of his own faith better if he keeps following his own faith,and serves the noble cause of harmony much and more better than if he became a renegade.

Christians must learn to go to Mosques,and Temples;and Moslems to Churches,and Temples;and Jews to Churches and Mosques,and so on and so forth. They must all feel the unity and oneness of all sacred houses of worship,under the universal love emanating from all these holly sanctuaries. God is the one and only primal source of universal sentient existence,of organic and inorganic matter,whom we have divided and separated into fighting gods,that have petty and cynical human attributes. The primal source of existence is far above all attributes ascribed to him,whether human or other,because no one can define the infinite,and ascribe mortal attributes to his eternal and undivided essence of unlimited and infinite oneness.