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Thu Nov 13, 2003 5:24 am

From: Jukka S <starrywisdom1844 at>

Hi This Group, &/Nobody,

I just joined. It's morning in Helsinki. Soon I have to go to work. Here few words.

My name is Jukka. I was long time in sect called sahaja yoga. ten years or so. It wounded me to see so many people in so miserable spiritual state. But I don't blame sahaja yoga; I think they were such before; beginning from where they came from.

Many times I have talked with people; with good friends, with my dad, with people who I consider saints.. about what went wrong. I believe that all human personality must/can change, and this is the meaning of religion/path. If you don't allow it; if your ego wishes to control, and limit meditation to only 15 mins every morning and evening; then your whole personality is not involved. It's only physical excercise; there is no growth or change in soul.

Second thing, I believe in contradictions, and in negativity. As human beings, we are not yet perfect. We should accept it, and integrate the "Shadow" - our
imperfection, to our conscious personality. To go on pretending that all is fine always, just don't work. It's self deception. Anyone with eyes/heart can surely
see that mankind is far far far far from perfection. This kind of deception leads to passivity. It leads to self-righteousness and arrogance. Why it happens to all spiritual seekers, is a thing I don't understand. They lose the point. Their compass gets blurred. They don't have the energy to carry/boost their seeking. So they become gossiping, clattering, noisy quarreling egoists who live from reaction to reaction.

I would like to find other kind of people. That's why I join here today. I wish to find friends, it doesnt matter male or woman. I'd like to find more Shakti. I admire teachers like David Berg and Ishmael Abraham.

We all have our paths, our fates; but we can love here, and share some of our life. My path is described in my group:

Love&Light to all,


Jukka Kaisaniemi July 2003

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi