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Thu Mar 11, 2004  4:55 am

I'm sure Osho pressured Vivek into having an abortion. She probably caused the pregnancy on purpose and he dumped her because she couldn't be trusted not to do it again. Osho did NOT want children, that's for sure.

Vivek was not enlightened. I don't know why she clung to him for so long, but that is not how enlightened people act. My impression of her was that despite the signs of her souring relationship, she ignored those signs. That is not what enlightened people do.

Osho once said that he would have like to have more sexual relationships if it weren't for his bad back, but then he would have had many more problems with women!

There is no doubt that Osho was poisoned by the Reagan administration. I used to have doubts about that, but I know how it really is here in the U.S.. I've seen with my very own eyes what the U.S. government will do to the tax protestors here: it is pure EVIL.

God bless Osho.

I'm sure Osho pressured Vivek into having an abortion.