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Mon Feb 23, 2004 6:14 am

I was always wondering why sannyasins like aziz kristoff enlightened in OCI, Pune are such A S S H O L E S.

I received one answer that made me think. I would like to know what you think about it.

The spontaineous living that Osho preached translates in real world for average income people as LARGE AMOUNT OF MONEY BEING WASTED (you could also say STOLEN by Osho Buddha) to teach you the value of living in the moment, without worrying or even THINKING about the future. For Osho Sannyasins who reach Enlightenment that amount of money stolen by Osho Buddha easily exceeds an average anual income of the middle class. The loss of money is in TENS THOUSANDS EURO.

aziz kristoff

After, what osho called BLOOMING, Osho Buddha in control of Enlightened Sannyasins tries to recover this "stolen" money by charging for satsangs, courses, intensive retreats. For instance Sw. Chaitanya Bharti in "low cost of living" India charges about 300 euro for a 10 day meditation course, while Goenka's vipassana even in the western world is by donation only (at the end of the course). You can take a 10 day vipassana meditation course in "high cost of living" Germany, and then just walk away, without paying even one euro. Osho's enlightened or maybe enDARKened sannyasins even in cheap India charge large amount of money UP FRONT. The annual income of an average Indian is not much more than the cost of 10 day meditation course from Sw. Chaitanya Bharti in Pune. While in Pune you can rent a room for 2 euro a day, Sw. Bharti charges 30 euro per day for his course. Isn't it a little CRAZY.

Who are those bitches and farts who are willing to pay Sw. Bharti that amount of money? Aren't they RICH AND IGNORANT?

Why those bitches and farts who run Osho Resorts in Pune charge 5 euro daily admission to park fee, while a lower middle class indian family (with 10 children) spends less than 5 euro on their meals for a week? Have they also been LOOTED by Osho Imbecillish Buddha?

Can you give me your thinking about the above?

Sw. Chaitanya Bharti