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Hunting Osho's Killers

I often wonder where the killers of Osho and their fellow conspirators are now.

Are they living on some nice sunny island? Or like Judas Iscariot have they committed suicide?

Something tells me that they are still around - ordinary men and women - same as they ever were.     

It was the same with the Nazi concentration camp butchers who pulled gold fillings from their hapless Jewish victims, now working in Beth Shalom hospital as dentists filling cavities with mercury amalgam - and poisoning themselves in the process.

But while the ordinary German soldier was commanded to round up Jews for the gas chambers, the killers of Osho did it of their own free choice.

The obvious reason was the money. The vultures disrespectfully snapped up Osho's assets immediately after his death causing irreparable damage.

Property, buildings, book rights, momentos, signatures, intellectual property and copyrights - everything and anything. It was not because of devotional love that they took these things but devotion to money.
Now the clever ones were the lawyers they got rich without lifting a finger - just by pushing a pen. The 'grunts', the foot soldiers, which did most of the hands-on dirty work probably didn't get rich. They either went on to serve the new Mafia head, got expelled or worse.

I don't think anyone person would have been able to control the whole ashram. It was a group of co-conspirators. How many people does it take to spy, bug, poison, smuggle guns, attack, count the money, provide security?

The people who killed Osho did not love him though they still pretend that they do in the same way that a politician or business man will say anything to get and control power and money.

Like priests they will quote Osho's words, but the skilful listeners will notice that their words are hollow and ring not true.

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In tracking Osho's killers we have to work from the point of death backwards and figure out what had to be involved. It's like plotting the bullets that struck JFK, figuring what sort of weapon could do that and where it had to be located.

As Simon Wiesenthal has shown: it is still possible to find Nazi war criminals even in old age. I believe that it is possible to track down those responsible for Osho's death.