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Fri Jan 19, 2007 12:37 pm   

Nicely said.

Those who want their freedom to trump ours have an easy time because we are
so susceptible to the arguments. There is a big fat hook in us. But like
you said, it is just masochism.

Couple loose ends:

Sahar hinted that the pics were not of her, but if you look what she is
saying in noby's list, she says they are: "Someone has just posted my pics
(obtained from over here). I've never been afraid to show my face."

I guess "name" is another matter.

And Helen asked if she had been unsubbed. She says, again chez noby:

I have actually been banned from there, without notification, as
the home page (as it were) is asking me to "join group."

They can talk about me behind closed doors!!!!

I never joined the crowd, in Western Australia, preferring to be "alone."