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Mon Nov 15, 2004  9:41 pm


> From: Satrakshita
> To: n0by4you at yahoo.com
> Noby, your friend Ka is very welcome to become a member of  sannyas-list-new and to post his messages there himself for everybody to read. I see no need for you to become his errand boy.


I see no need for you

Michael Zimmermann <zim at vegaa.de> wrote:

But I see a need for you, Satrakshita, to learn something about yourself -that's why I played this game.

For my feeling, Satrakshita, you failed the x'th time to show the attitude of somebody who is open for fresh insights and determined to learn something
new. You were more interested about being treated "politely", being treated in an ego-sparing way than in what I had written. Obviously your pride hinders you, Satrakshita, to recognize what's going on.

I'm just giving you examples, Satrakshita, "excuses" to react in the way you want to react. Fact is, it's totally unimportant for both of us, how we treat each other. We are grown up, we are not dependant on each other. We don't need each other, need not be loved by the other, given milk or respect, or even treated "politely". We just can go for our truth. That is - I can go for it,

while for you, Satrakshita, it seems still to be more important to be treated politely (than - say - learn something about yourself).

While it doesn't matter how others behave to us, it's of course pretty interesting how we behave to others. We can learn a lot about ourselves, if we are ready to look - to look not at the other, but at our own feelings and reactions towards the other.

And your attitude, Satrakshita, towards me looks like to be dominated by pride.

I think, Satrakshita, your pride must have been there allready long before you and I met. Your pride-reaction is so strong and comes so quickly (and - excuse me - it looks like you even don't think twice) that your pride must have been your inner guide for a very long time by now. It's allready running on automatic.

Probably that pride was the reason for you not to listen too closely to many a people (including Bhagwan?) - especially if what they said questioned your pride.
I don't know - but you certainly do.
And I'm not writing that to take away your pride, Satrakshita, not at all. Why should I do your dirty work?

I just explain, provoke examples and harmless personal experiences by playing around with emails sent to you through N0by, that's all. The rest is yours.

Pride is a resistance to feel -
especially to feel dependant, small, unimportant and helpless.
Hence pride is a resistance to experience wholeness.