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Start Time: Tue Feb 04 06:50:49 PST 2003
End Time: Tue Feb 04 07:33:07 PST 2003
Rabbi Yossi Greisman: Welcome. I'll be with you in a moment...what's on your mind? 

n0by: Where are the roots of war - in general?
Rabbi Yossi Greisman: i dont understand
n0by: My english or the sense of the question?
Rabbi Yossi Greisman: the question?
n0by: Wars in general: where do they come from?
Rabbi Yossi Greisman: evil
n0by: Ok, thank you. Where does evil come from?
Rabbi Yossi Greisman: i dont know
n0by: Thank you, me neither. When we both don't know, is there a reason to fight for? 
Rabbi Yossi Greisman: of course evil teror must be eradicated from its roots and thats saddam he must be destroyrd 
n0by: When you don't know, where evil comes from, how will you know evil roots? How will people destroy, what they don't even know?
Rabbi Yossi Greisman: everyone knows that saddam husein is a eveil destructive mad man he has to be rplaced soon before he gets to denmark 
n0by: Again, dear Rabbi: where does this evil sick madness come from? 

Rabbi Yossi Greisman: the world is evil our job is create goodness and kindness to make this world better 
n0by: Aha, good success and thanks!