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 Mon Jun 12, 2006  3:42 am


'taint me bro..

I first encountered the knob-head many years ago when I was moderating the original sannyas-list.. pre schisms.. I put him on moderation and eventually kicked him out..just as he was kicked out from the ranch...
He is a power hungry plague, but apparently there are others like him who have not yet discovered the joys of creativity and are still stuck in being destructive ... so my advice..'ignore the fucker and his cohorts'... It is so easy to break into groups... just a change of name.. or address and that is all so easy with hotmail and such..

If you ignore them as I do they will not go away..they just don't know how it seems.. but at least you won't be bothered by them..this idiot gang does it with every new group..

Love, Sadhananda