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Rita Eide

From: Nirmohi Rockstad <prem@nirmohi.net>
Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2000 19:58:33 +0200 (MET DST)
Subject: CHANNELING from OSHO.

Beloved OSHO sannyasins and friends around the world.

I, Nirmohi Rockstad / Sw. Prem Nirmohi will like to share this "CHANNELING from OSHO" with you. This channeling was coming through Rita Eide when she was reading "A landmark Statement by Commune in Press".

I trust Rita's channeling and have also a good experience with channeling from her. My "feeling" is : THIS IS OSHO. You can read it and share it with your friends around the world, so all of us can find out what is true. I feel I can not allowed it to be stopped by someone in the "system".

After the "CHANNELING from OSHO" there is a introductionletter by Rita.

Lots of LOVE from Nirmohi.

Norway, July 11, 2000
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Dear Osho friend;

I am in the middle of reading the above mentioned article forwarded to me, as Osho, Bhagwan Rajneesh (his own presentation of himself) suddenly is coming into my being with full force. He is now taking over the speaking, or the writing in this case, from here onwards:


"I am handling over the job of typing my words to Rita. She is already an executive secretary -- and there can be no doubt of her qualifications, be it on earth or in the realms of beyond. I am returning to you using this medium of speech in order to set my records straight. In spite of reading my books and hearing my words, you are continually forgetting that I am still around. I am not gone, I am a living presence within you, within all my work. The presence of I am is not personified, you should know this by now -- yet it is a detail of me,ํthe present "me" who is without persona, but with the qualifications that was Osho, Bhagwan, Rajneesh still..

I am not out there, I am still in -- and I am very aware of everything that is going on, be it in inner circles or outer. There is no time to waste -- time is an illusion and the time of the New Man-kind is now! This does not mean you are to forego any or anything when it comes to putting my work and my intentions as a means of a "banner"... It only means that you are to work on your inner and outer self realization -- as a means onto yourself.

Be it Osho communities or in your own home environment. I am not about Osho, I am about you, remember? If you forget about this we are back at square one, and this makes me sad.

How is the present state within yourself? Are you being agitated about who is who in the Osho commune? Then remember that it is all you, that you are mirroring your own ego in every part of accusations -- or in any defense on my behalf. The latter you can forget, I am not part of it when it comes to your present decisions. You are trying to put the responsibility on my words, said back in the 1980's and 1990. That is only your minds working in order to get away with "murder".. I think I heard the word "kill" being used here -- was that not so? Then be aware that you are no better than the one you are fighting against. At any time in the fight, it is still your engagement that is making the quarrel.

It is however a very necessary process. You are growing both in numbers and in awareness -- and in egos simultaneously. The process of the ego is not of declaring war on it, but to refrain from it by bypassing its powers. The path of the Buddha is that of peace -- and the path of the warrior is that of wrestling its swords. Now you are wrestling with your minds, and you are insulting me by referring to my words in it.

I have the same love for each and every one of you -- how could I not, I am you. There can be no distinction as far as love goes. Yet you are still my responsibility, as you are my children, my sannyasins -- left by me in order to outgrow and realize the dreams we made up together.

Yes, this is true, I did not only voice my own words when I spoke to you during endless hours of discourses and sannyas, I also was doing your work. There is no distinction between a master and his sannyasins -- there can only be a two way communication from one master to another, but here the "other" is pretending to be separate, and therefore in sleep. My work has always been to awaken you, it has always been to wake you up, and not to induce sleep.

In the present you are falling back into the old habits of sleeping before supper. You are leaving it up to "others" to awaken you when dinner is served. Have you forgotten your stand, have you gone absolutely "mad" - insane, trying to use your mind in order to settle disagreements between you?

I have always meant to be a teacher to the heart -- and this is still my aim as it is the work fostered from my love for you all.ํ There is none that needs to feel abandoned by me. If you do you have only abandoned yourself and your responsibility to love.

There cannot be such a thing as a "perfect" community, then I would have to ask: "Perfect for who?" For you or you or you sannyasin? Not two of your are alike. You need to start seeing each other for what you are -- lovers in search of finding your love inside of you. Not in me, but in yourselves. I have been a way shower -- and I am showing you the path as I shower you with spiritual flowers... Now you have to pick them up and water them in order to see the beauty of it in your own living-room.

There is enough for everyone. You have created a world of abundance, still you are not seeing yourself as equals. You are categorizing and labeling each other, and this has to go. There is only one here, there is only the living breathing existence of love that is who I am -- and that is who you are -- and it is time you start providing love, instead of clever wisdom. My wisdom is not more important than your own. If only you would listen to your hearts of compassion, instead of the schizophrenic thoughts that are trying to defend themselves, by answering to fear.

Answer both your own and the fears of others with your love and acceptance -- and include instead of dispelling. You cannot throw out fear, not from my community and not from anywhere else -- because the very act of throwing it out will throw it right back at you. So there you have it, be it mine or yours, it doesn't matter. I was not always right in my actions when I lived with you either. I was the master yes, but I was only a sannyasin when it came to managing a community within the greater community. I was still experimenting, still learning and so are you. Don't just look to me for solutions, look to yourself. You are the answer to the problems created by you, even by me -- do you understand?

I am still with you in heart and actions. But now you are the seed bearers and you have to take responsibility for what you are creating by your actions, your thoughts, messages and understandings. Be true to me by being true to yourself. This is all I can ask for and wish at this time.

There is nothing to fear, there is nothing but your own worry to worry about, so be happy please. Not for me, I certainly am remaining in my uttermost bliss, whatsoever you do. But for you I have this wish yet:
- Be happy and strive no more, but look at yourselves in the mirror of a honest heart -- and ask yourself, not where did you go wrong, but how do I make this right..? Because you can -- there is no failure as there is no more past -- only this present moment of co-creating.

So listen, my beloved ones -- listen in innocence and joy and fear not the answers, even if you don't get them. The silence is samadhi, it is meditation -- words are not. This is where I am to be found, in the inner space of Samadhi -- in my own community as well as in the world-wide community. I am not exclusive to Pune or to any other commune. I am not exclusive to anyone -- other than to each and every one of those who find communion with me -- as they read and listen, be it to me or to themselves in Samadhi. My beloved ones, become your own Osho and Bhagwans. Rajneesh has spoken, now it is your turn..."

With this he left my hands.. His energy is truly coming from my heart, you be the judge of the rest!

In love and deep respect,

Rita Eide

Norway, July 4, 2000 at 8:45 PM



I very much would like to introduce myself as a way of presenting my work and my connection to Osho. As a spiritual channel since 1992, I have been using my abilities mainly as a "reader" on a one to one basis and in meditation groups up to the autumn of 1997, when I was approached by the newly deceased Princess Diana. From then on I have committed myself to orally receive her words and transcribe them into the format of all together 3 books. The first one is called "The Celestial Voice of Diana - her spiritual guidance to finding love" and it is published in Norway, Holland and UK/USA. The second book in the series is now out in a Norwegian edition, also containing a mediation CD.

My connection to Osho was up until New Year of 2000 very sparse. I had encountered a few "sannyasins" who came to me for private readings, but never felt much drawn into his teachings myself. I remember my opinion of him was even that of a bit of a male chauvinist, as some men I encountered only seemed to draw out of his teachings what they found suitable to themselves, like having sexual relations without much concern for the emotional impact of the sexual act on their partners emotions and to the "needs" of the females in general.

I knew Nirmohi Rockstad from a previous reading over the phone some years ago and as he called me up wanting some additional counselling in the autumn of 1999, I happened to voice my scepticism of Osho and his teachings in this matter. As a response Nirmohi felt compelled to send me some books from his stay in India that winter, one of which was called; "Showering Without Clouds - reflections on the poetry of an enlightened woman, Sahajo". I got completely wiped away with what I read - and if you wish, totally transformed in my opinion of Osho and his wisdom. This led to further books and I was becoming deeply in love with Bhagwan. He also came to me and gave some personal advice and comfort at a few occasions.

In the above mentioned book Osho showed that he did indeed know the workings of the female gender as well as their differences to men. In short terms Osho was here pointing out that the hardest battle for a woman is to let go of her attachments, and for a man to drop his ego and pride.

Then I went to the Osho web site and heard his voice through the computer one evening - and not long after I experienced him moving all the way into my energy field and physical body, taking hold of my voice and even made me speak a few sentenced in his own characteristic Indian accent and breathing. He asked me if I would become his channel. At that point I refused, saying I could not see any point of channeling someone who had "written" something like 600 books already, but he just smiled and said we could wait.

I contacted Nirmohi, asking how he thought it would be perceived within the Osho community if I were to channel their master, as I feared this would be both a very difficult task, considering Osho's enlightened wisdom and my own ignorance, as well as already "well trained" and educated Osho people in the communities, in which I had taken no part. Nirmohi suggested I remained open and so I did, actually beginning to forget all about it until last evening. In this initial speech Osho is referring to me as an "executive secretary" and this happens to be a "fact" since my last job before opening up to channeling and spiritual work was that of working for an international business executive who was also a personal friend of the present King of Norway. I have also previously worked for the Norwegian Export Council as well as the Trade Department of the Austrian Embassy, so this is obviously what Osho means in his own little introduction.

Now I hope this has given you a little bit of knowledge about me and my background. I am certainly not wishing to be an "intruder" to the community as such, other than being a messenger for the divine, in this case the beloved Bhagwan. My intentions are that of honesty and integrity to the best of my ability and I hope you receive this channeling with openness.


With love and sincerity,

Rita Eide

Norway, July 5, 2000
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