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We all have to face the consequences of our works. you yourself  deleted this mesaeg from obb archive . those days you wanted to delete your foot prints and now you are again infascination with your past writings.
In the time river much water has flown and what you can get after 9
months ?
how you can get that baby after 9 months which you yourself aborted .
come out of this narsicism and enjoy others ranting. yours rantings you know very well what is the use of keeping them safe.
who will care for those ranting after some time. not even you . then ?
why to search old one. just write new one.
Sarlo is there with all his concieved notions towards you . target again !

good luck

Krishna's  lake near his village

Colours play in Krishna's sky

Yes, yes, yes, surely you're right, dear Krishna!

Don't wonna enoy you here with this old bullshit. So send privately - better! OK? Who'll find this crap? It's NOT for this group.

Atit made me aware, thanks, Atit,

Indian looking like Krishna

that a new playground had opened:
Mind is felt like a woman, you can play endlessly joyously with mind like women, isn't it? So we can play there too. I do. There on
sannyasnews same discussion like everywhere else.

I can not write new rantings about Sarlo right now, because he
refuses to quarrel with me! How can I write rantings, when I does not feel the partner? Mind needs like (wo)man someone to play with, isn' it?