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Subject: Urgent attention for Friends of Osho
Date: April 19, 2000
From: oshoom@nde.vsnl.net.in

Beloved Friends,
Please read the letter carefully and try to understand consequences therein. It
will be available on our E-mail address too.

Please read Indian Express dated 2nd April 2000 the Express Magazine Section II

1. According to our investigations, says Khardekar; "Many of these
Trusts are not registered in Pune or for that matter even in
Maharashtra. The owners of the various properties acquired by the
Commune in Koregaon Park belong to several Trusts and even individuals.
Who are the Trustees and why do they function under the inner circle?
Intelligence agencies conducted investigations after our agitation but
no one told us of their reports".

2. .. I believe that the commune headquarters has shifted abroad. And
where to but Switzerland? The Osho International Foundation of
Bahnhofstrasse52, 8001, Zurich, a legal outfit controlled by Michael
O'Byrne and colleagues--- (not the 21-member of inner circle)---"is the
sole and registered owner of the copyright of all the published and
unpublished words and works of the author, Osho in all mediums" to quote
an official web site, "as well as photographs of the author, and is the
owner of the copyright to various writing, music, art and other products
created or otherwise associated with the author and is the owner of
registered trademarks used in connection therewith (collectively

3. The word 'Osho' is now a registered trademark and owned by the Osho
International Foundation, based not in Pune but in Zurich. All heavily
patronized therapies and meditation techniques devised by Osho have a
copyright vested in the foundation. To conduct therapies like 'Osho
rebalancing', 'Osho Divine Healing','Osho Craniosacral Balancing' and
'Osho Tibetan Pulsing' or active meditations like 'Mystic Rose',
'Dynamic Meditation', 'Gaurishankar Meditation', 'Kundalini Meditation',
'Nadabrahma Meditation' or 'Nataraj Meditation', the foundation
permission is necessary.

4. Franchises have been given to centers and 'resorts' all over the
world--- from Australia to Mexico. These centers and 'resorts' have been
attracting a vast clientele that would have otherwise converged on Pune.
But one cannot approach the foundation in Zurich directly. There is an
intermediary outfit- a US-based registered company, Osho international,
570, Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10022- that has been appointed by
the Osho International Foundation as "manager" for handling"the day to
day administration of granting permission to use the work and the

5. Osho International, New York, has become the publishing center for
Osho.The official website says it manages the archive for the Osho
International Foundation, Zurich. The company functions as rights
administrator and book packager in the publishing areas of meditation,
body-mind-spirit, philosophy, and spirituality. This archive comprises
"7,000 hours of audio and video recordings, published as 350 separate
book titles. In addition, there are several hundred unique pieces of
Osho art, meditation techniques each with their own music, and an
archive of music created by musicians inspired by Osho's Vision". So the
enormous amount of royalty on copyright and franchises collected from
publishers, audio tape producers or centers and resorts all over the
world, except in India, goes to New York and then to Zurich to legal
outfits controlled by a handful of non-Indians.

The end result of ownership will remain in the hands of Sw Jayesh, Sw
Mukesh and Sw Amrito who will operate from Switzerland, and all the
monies will be hampered in the name of expansion of Osho's Vision. You
may say that money will be collected through royalties, franchise and
trademarks worldwide and then deposited via Osho International, New York
and then finally Osho International Foundation, Zurich Switzerland for
the personal/collective use of Sw Jayesh, Sw Mukesh and Sw Amrito. As I
know Osho always says to everybody and anybody to go and work in the
marketplace and make him available but by this strategy if you want to
do meditation, if you do not seek the permission or pay the royalty then
you will be restrained/prosecuted by using this strategy.
Moreover Swami Mukesh Bharti has a bank account in U.S.A. and a green
card. Swami Devendra has a bank account. Ma Prem Zaeen is obelized by
Swami Jayesh by receiving all the expencess to educate her son Farook in
England. Swami Satya Vedant is visiting professor for the six months in
U.S.A. Ma Amrit Sadhana is in a high profile (member of inner circle and
editor of Osho Times),Swami Yoga Pratap Bharti (who has openly commented
against Ma Yoga Neelam - Osho's secretory then, and now out of commune)
is residing in Laotzu house and getting full support. So no indian
sannyasins of the commune are in a position to speak against this gang.
And if some other sannyasins will speak against , he will be simply
thrown out.
The latest rumar is, the ashes of Osho under the Samadhi is already
removed/ destroyed/ changed. The designing of Osho Books and Osho Times
has been given to Sangam Press in Pune, on contract. And third and most
important is the gang of three --- Swami Jayesh, Swami Mukesh and Swami
Amrito is going to fly any day, any time to escape from the legal
petitions and oppositions of the sannyasins, Lovers around the world.

6. More than 60% Hindi books are out of print, while money in crores
required to reprint is available which has been contributed and
collected through book exhibitions and book sales. Moreover no publisher
in India is willing to pay large amount of royalties who have published
almost 400 titles

7. In July 1996 during Guru-Poornima Celebrations Osho Sannyasins and
Osho Lovers contributed lots of money to purchase land and to build
Dharmashala to facilitate affordable accommodation for the Osho
Sannyasins in India. But even after four years neither the land is/was
purchased nor the Dharmashala being built. And no one knows where that
money has gone except Sw Jayesh, Sw Mukesh and Sw. Amrito.

8. You may not be aware that commune (Sw Jayesh, Sw Mukesh, Sw Amrito)
had bought a sick cotton mill of Poddars in crores in Mumbai to build a
transit Hostel for overseas Sannyasins who are coming via Mumbai is now
on sale. And after the sale automatically the money will be transferred
in to a bank account of Switzerland, which is controlled by Sw Jayesh.

9. Ma Amrit Sadhana (member of the inner circle) came down to Osho
Resort, Deharadun to conduct 3-Day meditation camp (March 24-26), but
her emphasis on not wear maroon robe during meditations and Sannyas
Initiation, and not to wear white robe during Osho White Robe
Brotherhood upset most of the Sannyasins and Osho Lovers. Ma Amrit
Sadhana herself did not wear maroon robe or white robe for a single day
during Meditation Camp. Even one morning she conducted dynamic
meditation in jeans and shirt to demonstrate the changes, which the
inner circle is bringing. And this is all happening in the name of cult.
But they are simply forgetting Master and Disciple relationship, which
is more valuable in the vision of our Beloved Master Osho.
Please try to understand finally Sw Jayesh, Sw Mukesh and Sw Amrito will
be able to take away all the monies in the Bank of Switzerland and the
commune at Pune where our Beloved Master Live, where His Samadhi is,
where He delivered His discourses in the Buddha Hall is, where he
developed different meditation techniques, where he improved all
different therapies, will have no money even to run its daily
activities. And if Osho Commune at Pune needs some money then it has to
ask or beg, and it depends whether the gang of three is willing to
give/share money.

"Osho Commune sidelines Indians"(High profile spokes person pointed out
welcomed as 'visitor' by Haima Purushttam (published in the The Asian
Age: The Mumbai Age March 10, 2000) is almost a true story. Every senior
old member of the commune were advised to become independent one and
half year ago, although they were in the commune working for 20 to 25
years. And then the situation is created that the old Sannyasins have to
opt out and to speak that it is their own decision to leave the Commune.

A strategy is exactly the same as American Government applied to destroy
Rajneeshpuram Commune in Oregon America and now it the turn of Osho
Commune International to be destroyed. If you are intelligent you could
understand easily someone is planted by CIA to finish the job
systematically and collect all the monies for some other use to destroy
Osho's Vision and Osho's Work, if you ask me I am pointing a single
person, who is controlling and handling this job. And it will be
controlled by Swami Jayesh (Master Mind and CIA agent)

The punch line from Ma Amrit Sadhana (member of the inner circle)
"We are erasing Osho from your mind/memory".

Sw Narendra Bodhisatva,
Osho Om Bodhisatva Commune
108, Post Office Road, Clement Town Deharadun, 248002. (U.P.) India.
Phone +91-0135-640587, Fax +91-0135-640654
E-mail: oshoom@nde.vsnl.net.in

We support to file Public Interest Litigation and copyright petition
against Sw Jayesh, Sw Mukesh and all other members of the inner circle
of the Osho Commune International (Now Meditation Resorts) Pune,INDIA.

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