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Here are my internet links if anyone is interested :

First, my Friends Reunited entry with lots of personal information about my abusive parents and teachers :

http://www.friendsreunited.co.uk/FriendsReunited.asp?wci=membernotes& ;member_key=4442047&Year=1962&school_key=146158

This is an updated version with new details of the nefarious words and actions of my parents and teachers. Learn of Alok John's tragic history. Read about the cruel and unusual punishments of English schools of the 1950s and 60s. Hear how Alok's father lied to the police about him. Be shocked by the terrible things his mother says to him. Find out about a Secretary of State who breaks the law. Read of the daughter of a cabinet minister who has to live with the scars of abuse!!


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Alok John