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From:  "Viktor Gronigen" <oshorip@-....> 
Date:  Fri Jun 13, 2003  3:49 pm
Subject:  Sannyas Email Censors Cover-up
How predictable that Sarlo comes to aid Jalal's evasion and aids the cover-up.

It is very simple. Jalal can answer about his time with Vivek during her last days before the overdose.

It is no surprise that Sarlo defends Jalal and Jalal uses Sarlo for cover.

Why is there a conspiracy against knowing the facts around the Osho cover-up and real fight for sannyas power control?

Jalal from sannyas-org
I notice that Sarlo has silenced people who have asked questions about him - Nikki, Dera, n0by and others.

Nikki got grief when she started to ask Sarlo about himself. Then the abuse started. Viruses, spam - if you search the OBB archives you will see people's complaints and then they disappear off the radar.

BUT NEOSANNYAS LIST has no archives online. Why?

OBB has changed name so it cannot be linked to Google. Why did this happen at a time when searching questions are being asked?

Why are Sarlo, Jalal and Anasya acting so tough on people who ask these questions? Something to hide?

Sarlo has refused to accept Osho Rebels on his web-ring. Jalal is editor at the ODP for all Osho sites that he accepts. Together Sarlo and Jalal control two major sannyas portals.

Sarlo has banned questions from Dera on his two list Guru Ratings and NeoSannyas list.

Jalal stills will not admit secretly running sannyasworld.com. He will
not even give an "yes or no" answer!

When will the truth be admitted on these censored lists?

Sarlo proudly presents his tongue
Sarlo says 'Jalal did not communicate with me at all about banning n0by.

"Viktor" is just making something up." '

Sarlo seeks to create confusion by denying that Jalal did communicate on the list about banning n0by. If he wants to state then it wasn't recently then he may. These things were discussed months ago. This is how they set things up.

But notice that Sarlo is emphatic 'Jalal did not communicate with me AT ALL about banning n0by'.

The reasons stated for banning n0by are not those stated by n0by's antagonists.

The real rule of thess lists secret moderators is to shut people up who ask searching questions by through abuse and finally banning.

Sarlo is misleading everyone. He has read the Jalal posts but has not made obvious the contradiction in Jalal's accounts about the daily meetings with Vivek. These are not my words but Jalal's.


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