Re: Shantibadra pleads guilty, meanings of?
Reply #12 on: 10/21/05 at 11:25:32

I happen to know Shanti-B and the Sheela "Gang". INCL. ALL>
Shanti B, as far as I know has personal reason of doing what she did. No-one can question this. Have you ever been prosecuted? It really sucks to have agents chasing you down world wide and you are retarded to living in a alien country, much like, say a KURD. You cannot see your friends and family. YOU ARE BOUND BY A INVISIBLE JAIL.

Turning herself in she attempted to free herself. Good on her.  Facing your fears is a healthy trait. The rest of this political washout is just that. Politics. The same enemy that the heart has in our being, our mind, so it is the same in the world: Politicians, Priests and warmongers these are the enemies of the heart. Any time we question each other while we wade through this life, we loose ourselves and forget that it is US that have to grow and learn. Forget the "other":  they do not exist.
Criminality is subjective and as long as we are unconciouse our sense of right and wrong will be false.
Let love rule!

Satish from his site