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Mon Jan 15, 2007 6:29 am

Do you want to know who cmd is???

Hi All,

I support the belief that free speech is to be upheld, but that is NOT a reason why we should allow cmd to use the Oshonet as an avenue for almost continuous negativity. The Oshonet is a vehicle for contact and information exchange between like-minded friends and there are OTHER AVENUES if one wants debate of the nature that delights cmd, AND if you yourself wishes to read such comments.

I guessed that the recent spate of carefully polite questions from cmd was just a marking of time, and that her postings would soon inevitably revert to type with their recognisable smart and undermining tone - because, polite comment does not excite enough debate and controversy for her.

If cmd's posting was an isolated remark, then it could pass more easily without comment. But her tendency to say hurtful things with impunity needs to be addressed, BECAUSE THIS WOMAN IS HIDING BEHIND A PSEUDONYM, and so does not need to take any responsibility for her tone, words, or the effect it might have on others. She can say what she likes because no one can successfully challenge a net created person.

So, now is the time to unmask this person. IF YOU WANT TO SEE WHO CMD IS THEN GO TO:

Isn't it Ma Durga from Osho Leela days at Hampton Road? Note that this web posting by cmd was to give permission to n0by to include her photo on his website. - a website composed of pages of drivel and hate and absolutely degrading, photoshopped photos of Osho - pure hate and revulsion - no need to find it and grace it with another 'reader hit'.

Anyone who wants to be associated with such a vile site is no friend of Osho's or the Osho community!

Thus, I STRONGLY REQUEST THAT CMD, who closely is in association with such a destructive site as n0by's, and who also wishes to unload dissention at our site, BE MODERATED OFF THE OSHOLIST for a period of time.


Also, friends, if you feel that people making such continually negative comments should be blanked out for a period (or permanently), then YOU ALSO NEED TO TELL GRAHI. Let your voice be heard.