22 Years of sannyas

Cult-Pass Poona - Front

22 years sannyas-birthday again, 22 years with Bhagwan, YO, what a fun, what a fund-raising fascistic fucking all around those 22 years, more more but less less involved in quarrels, quarrels, quarrels almost getting more and more emotion-less, speech-less, victim-less, less victory, less pain, less care and all contrary of this too. 
Logic ends and love starts love myself like others and less afraid of fear and fearful pain and still emotions in stress and human trembling one inch below the navel and wonna running away from this war coming up but there is no way to save yourself and no country to run and no shelter elsewhere but in youself and even there is no shelter 'cos death just before 

Cult-Pass - backside

Daughter (5year) in Cult-School Medina 1883

This Buck Fush challenges death and hundred of thousands will gone to die before the spring flowers blossom and butterflies dance around lovers in short skirt - death gonna harvest first life to give place for new life and love above the glowing ashes of the never ending hate and the graveyards of all these hundreds of thousands going to die 
22 years of sannyas and the world terror increases world wide and words can't stop neither create a feather light weight of love or understanding and mind deepens the distance between one to each other 22 years of sannyas and separation from friends with speed-up to light speed a flight away from this earth friends to the stars above fantasies love reality 

Cult-Pass in Munich - front

Cult-Pass Munich:  20 Meditation Entrances

22 years of sannyas today and six billion of people on earth and one woman in my house naked in her thoughts and her body keeps me connected with life on earth giving shelter and care and everything to breath and to feed and to care and to clean and to tease and to please and to squeeze and to share joy with me dancing all night day life long 
22 years of sannyas and mind separation from Fush Buck policies no matter where Parlaments Ashram Satsangs priests congregations and lovers deceit of your love insight and going away in the paradise of aloness in peace with myself and my woman and some seldom moments of feeling together with a smiling glimpse of someone selling bread bargains daily 

Letters from Rajneeshpuram 1984

Bhagwan's Answer Guide Poona 1981

22 years of sannyas and forgotten never the one knelt before catching my neck with his Asian advertise sign symbol to run around like red fools recognizing each other from miles and mockery for mediocrity what each of us represents still today believing in concepts never experienced 'cos there has been never anything to experience but myself 
22 years of sannyas on a never ending journey towards myself and away from the world with six billions people caring for nothing else but themselves and the same does the one celebrating right now the joy alive of 22 years of nothing but freaky fun fights with nothing but me and never ending peace in all fights for fun like fuck endless wordstreams 


Poona 02.02.1981

22 years of sannyas and these words cascade could rule endlessly without any thought just as dance of freaky fingers over the keyboard in mind movie seen in front of the screen from far beyond senses and experiences just rolling without rules and still kept with the imaginary chain around the neck and the picture of someone smiling at me like all of us