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...tired from explorations ... Uzès

Nimes at night: a dog in the Crocodile-Fountain

 Tired from explorations we reach in the afternoon Nimes. Nimes is much to big for my little, lovely woman. "All these cars, the noise! I want a Camping Place for the night! Now!" Even we get a parking spot, one of these rare parking spots direct opposite to the best conserved Roman Arena in the world, where still today 20.000 people celebrate mass events, my woman in stress wants to find a save place to sleep at night.

Nimes - Arena - with VW-Transporter

Nimes: Maison Carrée

Her anger moves me to buy a map of Nimes. So I can ask for help, to show me the way to the Camping Place. And this place is only five, six Kilometres out of town in direction to the South again. So we arrive there, before the sun sets down around 6.30. She can relax. So can I. But it's better to leave an angry woman alone. So I drive with my bike back to Nimes, around the Roman Arena, the Maison Carré, an old Roman Temple, an hour Internet Connection and back through the night without light on my bike to the Camping Place. Peace again.

we have energy left for Aigues Mortes

We have even energy left, to visit next town Aigues Mortes, surrounded by walls from the Middles Ages, full of tourists and Restaurants and a Market Place with all the treasures, Mother Earth provides for her Lovers.

Only the prices are astonishing high. Hungry for a fish salad of Octopus with tomato 300 gramms cost around 9 Euros. In the car next to Market Place in the shadows of a wall and a tree I cook noodles on our Camping Gas. Mimamai eats only vegetarian, and spaghettis are.

Round Aigues Mortes this old wall

Le Grau du Roi