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Way to Marseille

Fish Market, Marseille Old Harbour
We leave very early in the morning. So at nine o clock in the Morning we are in Marseille. Mimamai is tremendously courageous, so we visit the town. A video guarded tourist parking place gives the car shelter for 2.5 Euro. We walk from the Old Harbour one hour up through the town to the Cathedral of Notre Dame. In this impressive building on a hill on top of the town stands Mother Mary with her new born baby Jesus on her arm - in shimmering golden colour. The weight of the statue 9980 Kilograms, the bulk around little Jesus arms: 110 Centimetres.

Marseille Old Harbour - view on Notre Dame de la Garde

Notre Dame de la Garde

Notre Dame de la Garde

Inside the Church proof a lot of paintings all the miracles, the Virgin Mother Mary has saved her lovers in all kind of dangers: in storms on the sea, in train-, cars-, horse- accidents, in sickness, in heavy birth and in fascists war. Back on the parking place our car is still the only one. So we enjoy food, coffee at the car before we continue the voyage.

View from Notre Dame de La Garde over Marseille

Le Levandou