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I'm on your side!
Where is the Kalashnikov keyboard? 
Aaah, here it is!
And where is the enemy?



Rat tat tat tat on the Kalashnikov Keybord

Serious question. No quick answer comes. No answer at all at home, sweet home, where your castle. No answer to expect in the soft tender naked summer touch together with warm willing wonderful woman. A warriors inquiries will - when ever - respond, resonate, maybe even harmony in wilderness!

As long there is another, another man around, the answer seems so simple: HE is! SHE is! Sh*t, who else? Who is the enemy? 

Alone, all alone, the answer needs to move more mind energy. But - wait! Maybe lonely you can blame someone else?! Why did she leave me alone? Women double their cries: '''this gangster left me, me with two kids! Who will care for us - except social security? Society. sweet shelter, sisterhood save me from sobriety! Sob! Sob! Sob! Have mercy on me. Me and my helpless children.''''

Darkness comes at Bavarian Lake Walchensee 

Getting older, weak and sick, alone in pain and in hospital, the answer needs to move much more mind energy: Enemy? The enemy? Where is the enemy?

Our poor patient had he not a long life time? Did he not experience these bad, nasty, false people! Listen to all silent cries, tears cried for no one: ''' Had not most people mistreated my costly life!? Sob, sob. Have most people not completely misunderstood my precious efforts for consciousness!? How much did I care: Grown up in consciousness! Evolved in consciousness! Spread costly consciousness for nasty neighbours, false friends and global gathering in curious connections - free of charge! Now, all alone, who cares for me?'''


''What is consciousness?'''

View at Lake Walchensee from Heimgarten

Thorsens, another one from the little, but fine circle of few have chosen n0by@egroups.com, wrote in the German political attac-list. Thorsens second significant question: ''What is consciousness?'''

'''Be yourself! Who are you? Find out! First recognize yourself - to understand the other one!''' Who did not listen to sermons like these?

But, the young ones learned from the old ones, and the old ones learned from life experience and from so many people. Nearly everybody got the Master key to recognize the enemy! The lovely, little boy gets this key from his father, neat, nice girls from mild, modest mothers.

Answer! Answer our request! Ten fingers move blindly over the keyboard. Rat tat tat, the kalashnikov sounds sour in the evil enemies ears! Watch out, friendly fire! Reader's right response requested! Who does not understand my truth, will be doomed as enemy! Rat tat tat tat!

Sun rise at Walchensee

Words fly around like bullets. From the right, from the left, for ridiculous rich above, for pesting poor deep down, for the middle, upper, under, every class! For the rat race, the black, red, yellow and white: Enemies surround my life! Trust! Watch out! Whom to trust? Weird words wasted for evil enemies empty ears! Sobsobsob? No, sorry: rat tat tat tat!

Night falls. The author surrenders to truth. Truth from eternal existence. Alone on a Bavarian lake surrounded by mountains. 800 meters above the sea, alone in a little yellow rubber dinghy a the shore, what left but surrender? In Munich 30 degree Celsius heat in the evening, a hot Saturday night. Too hot and too loud. Technoparty people celebrate on dusty streets. Nothing but enemies: noisy, heated up, sweat stinking people?! Full of unsatisfied desires! Not even to fulfil with floods of alcohols, or Dollar devil's drugs. Addicted to desires, the oldest deepest enemies of humans in hell! Who can stand this?!

Due drops falling on everything

Alone in a boat. You have to surrender. To truth, first truth flies around as mocking mosquito. Animals try to suck blood out of sensitive human skin! Ah! Sure, the enemy! Nature! Nature at night, enemy enters. Rat tat tat, the kalashnikov keyboard hammers this truth. '''Make friend with nature, kill mosquitoes !''' Some chemical poisonous product advertises this truth, where is this poison now? Forgotten to buy! Ah: memory! Fading memory: time is the enemy! Time is not by my side, sobsobsob. Yes, sorry, this time eyes hide in an handkerchief.

Finally a real friend embrasses the exhausted body and calms softly the restless mind under the shimmering stars: sleep!

HELP! Enters the enemy in dream land? As cruel crimial killer!? Ahhhh! Astonished eyes open up terrified, ready to defend this precious little, lousy life. Under the stars in a black moonless night. The enemy is not yet real, not here neither there, but fear is real - in imagination! Fear is the enemy! Kalashinkov keyboard, hammer rat tat tat the truth web worldwide: Angst around! Enemy, like an eagle! Black beast birds anguish fantasizes feed terrible torturous like living liver of Greece Hero Tantalos.

All for the night: sleeping bag, clother, gas oven, cafe, water, PSION palmtop

Dew drops from the velvet shimmering black night fall like tears cold from the sky. Dew drops everywhere, on the sleeping bag, on the boat, the skin. Suddenly dew drops are the real enemy, but the imaginary enemy still is around, ANGST!

There the cry! Like a knife cuts this cry through the silent sleep! What murderous cry! It cries again! What cries?! Cats f*ck each other, f*ck these cats! Cruel cries cut from the deepest dreamless night down from unconscious. Cruel cat cries bring the eternal enemy back to consciousness: ANGST! Angst, black night sky and dew drops! Help! No help from the sky? Stars flimmer silent.

There! A star falls down with shiny, white, bright light dying in a trace of red blood fireworks in the black night sky! Every child enjoys this cosy consolation: watching this miracle, mysteries will fulfill one wish! Keep your wish secret, don't betray to the public: '''Peace! Peace with the enemy!'''

5.17 a.m. First grey morning light brings back life. Born again! One night stand up fight for your byte against all evil enemies inside outside! Ahhh, victory - won once again!

Calm cold body leaves the boat with trembling bones. Slippery dew drop soaked sandals shelter sleep drunken feet from sharp stones at the shore. Slowly heart beats accelerate with some coffee brewed with the gas oven.

Did you, cherished reader, did you get a glimpse of truth about all my serious evil enemies? Will you listen to one more secret? Will you dare to look in the eyes of your inner immense evil enemy? Are you ready to recognize worse than bogus, your one and only offender? Watch out! 

Cat claw traces on the roof of my car! There these beasts enjoyed their cries!

It is boredom! Silly stupid boring bullshit, cherished reader, that is your one and only enemy, you have to face! The deadly sin of a writer! That is your enemy, dear reader, a boring writer! A stupid story stealing your short life's time!

Now - a fresh morning bath in the lake, in the Bavarian Walchensee, has to wash away your Sunday sinners secrets.

From your n0by with love 7.00 a.m. 3th August 2003